Ep. 139: Mysticism vs. Spirituality: What Spirituality Has Become

Spirituality has lost its Divinity and Holiness. Many following the spiritual path get lost in another dimension of unconsciousness known as the pseudo spiritual matrix, or what most refer to as “new age woke culture”. 

The spaciousness and fluidity of spirituality was supposed to bring balance to the rigidity of religion but unfortunately even this has fallen to the polarization of humanity’s dualistic minds. 

Listen to Rachel Fiori clearly define the path of the mystic beyond duality into the realms of Oneness Consciousness.

The Masters of Self University PODCAST is your highest source of Sacred Truth and Universal Wisdom, offered by Rachel Fiori, mystical teacher, psycho-energetic healer, & CEO. Join our journey of soul transformation with hosts Ellie Lee, Danny Morley, and the rest of our amazing Certified Mystical Life Coaches.

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