Mystical Life Coach Certification

Create radical results for your clients with the infusion of intuition, spirituality, and the mystical.

Imagine being more effective as a coach, selling out your private and group coaching packages, and experiencing absolute fulfillment because you no longer hold back your gifts.

It’s time you use your powerful abilities that you know you have but haven’t incorporated into your practice yet.

Look, I know you’re passionate, you’re powerful, and whether or not you show it on the outside, your radical experience with spirituality and mysticism is what makes you an incredible coach, but you’re holding back. If you know that you can be more effective as a coach, then why aren’t you using it in your practice?!

I get it though! Incorporating the mystical can feel like a rebel move. Especially with all of your past formal training and education.

And yet you feel like your soul is about to blow out it’s seams if you don’t incorporate spirituality into your current coaching practice. It may feel rebellious, but it’s actually your radical nature longing to be utilized and expressed in the highest form.

You’ve laid the groundwork. It’s time for more…


Let’s not beat around the bush here, this is a BIG commitment that yields inexplicable (read: miraculous) results as a coach.
It’s deep and profoundly transformational.


We’ll first drop into self-transformation and healing to clear and ground you. You’ll then lay the roots for higher-level coaching strategies and skills as you move towards mastery as a mystical coach.


· Principles of Spiritual Psychology
· Human-Spirit Integration Point™
· The Cycles of Wisdom™
· The Sacred Ray of Creation™
· Your Shadow Blueprint™
· The Mystical Parent


· How to effectively work with HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons) who are typically 50% of coaching clients.
· Find fulfillment in your work and discover how to not take on stress and energy of your clients.
Goodbye post-client exhaustion and burnout!


· Private access to video teachings
· Written course curriculum and workbook (PDF Format)
· LIVE weekly 90-minute classes for deeper understanding and Q&A’s (required attendance)

It’s a two-fold investment


You’ll move through the deepest level of personal self-transformation and healing.


⊳ You’ll gain exceptional skills to both powerfully and lovingly guide others to heal at the deepest level too.

⊳ With ongoing support, mentorship, and training (following your certification) you’ll have continual access to the mystical community, allowing you to stay in the energetics of this powerful work and nurturing you spiritually and professionally.

⊳ You’ll have the opportunity to become faculty to teach and mentor future student-coaches inside this program, deepening your own experience and involvement that will inevitably enrich your work as a coach.

⊳ You will be featured as a certified Mystical Life Coach, marketed, promoted, and referred clients.

And so much more. . .

I want you to be successful because I’m so damn passionate about this work! My team and I are here to help you!


Here’s a brutal truth: the world has an abundance of poorly trained and uneducated coaches who haven’t been taught proper skills to guide people through real transformation.

Most coaching programs neglect to educate and develop intuition, empathy, and being trauma trained.

To coach at the level of a Master, you must be both educated in the science and psychology aspects, as well as be trained and guided in the intuitive healing aspect, with a focus on healing traumas. The best coaches and therapists are these two things combined.

To help and not harm

As our planet continues to be in crisis,
we need to be better in order to do better for others.

Join the Revolution!

To Join the Revolution as a Mystical Life Coach means:

⊳ to join your soul mission family to help bring in the new golden age of harmony
⊳ to help raise the consciousness of humanity
⊳ completely dismantle the current coaching industry because frankly, it sucks with its lack of integrity, education, and training
⊳ fully complete your purpose on this planet
unite with a community of souls to join our Light to become more powerful together

If you know that…

– in your heart you can become the best of the best
-you have what it takes to become a Master
-you are teachable and ready to go higher than your current level
-you are ready to go beyond ‘exceptional’ to become the most proficient, skilled, highly sought after, authority figure in the field of Mystical Coaching
-you want to take the coaching world to a place that hasn’t yet been recognized by gaining skill sets coupled with your innate gifts
…then you are who The Masters of Self University have been looking for.
If this sounds like you, apply right now.

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