CC-100: The Power Within: Fiori Transformation Method

Course Description: The Power Within teaches the art of self-awareness of mental, emotional, behavioral, & inner child programs while being guided through self-realization. This class teaches the foundational skills to connect to your true source of divine power and how to heal all aspects of yourself, allowing you to evolve into the most magnificent version of yourself achievable in this lifetime.

Students will learn the basic framework that guides individuals to the root causes of your own suffering so that true transformation & healing can occur; you will learn step-by-step how to see all aspects of your unhealed ‘stuff’ that makes up your shadow self, as well as exactly how to heal every part of it. The shadow self are patterns that keep you stuck, struggling, or in suffering because it’s made up of your unhealed programs, traumas, and inner child wounds. The majority of the shadow self is hidden in our blind spots, running on autopilot in our subconscious minds.

This coursework allows individuals the insight to begin to break down collective, societal, generational and individual wounding so that students can begin to recognize and embody the contradictions of our current world to how we truly would like to show up in this human experience. With continued practice and application in everyday life, this course has the capacity to change every aspect of the way life is lived.

Course Curriculum:

  • The Fiori Transformation Method
  • Programs, Patterns + Conditioning
  • How You Were Parented
  • How to Process Your Emotions
  • How to Feel into Your Heart + Divine Light
  • Triggers/Activations
  • Mental Programs
  • Emotional Programs
  • Behavioral Programs
  • How Old am I Right Now?
  • How I Show Up as my Parents
  • Putting it all together
  • The Shadow Blueprint
  • The Mystical Parent
  • Commanding Your Heart to Open
  • Understanding Mental + Emotional Energy
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Human – Spirit Integration Point
  • Sacred Ray of Creation
  • Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s)
  • Energy Vampires
  • Boundaries – What They Are and How to Lovingly Set Them
  • Validating Emotions
  • Active Listening
  • Right + Wrong
  • Respond vs. React

*** This class is a core curriculum class & is required as a prerequisite to take our other classes. You can take this class & simultaneously take other classes. ***If you’ve received any of our 3-4 month coaching programs from one of our certified coaches, you have already met this requirement and do not need to take this class. Your coaching program counts as the prerequisite to take any other classes offered at MSU.

Required Text: Workbook (included & accessible once admitted into the class)

Digital Course: Weekly digital teachings are in addition to the Live Classes

Semester: Fall 2023 , 16 Weekly classes

Class Time: 90 Minute class one time per week

Schedule: TBD

Daylight Savings Time: Please note that Daylight Savings Time ends in the United States on November 5th!! Be sure you will still be able to attend the classes after the time change!

Number of Credits/Hours: 5.00

Cost: $3,777.00

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