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Rising Higher: Going beyond the 3-months. . .

Welcome to Rising Higher”

Have you moved through a 3-month coaching program with a certified coach at Masters of Self University? Are you eager for more? As much as you’ve transformed, there’s probably a part of you that doesn’t want to stop doing this work. This work is infinite in nature and there are higher levels in this work to be experienced. 

Are you ready to connect with other beautiful souls who have moved through similar deep levels of transformation who also have the desire to keep healing. . .to keep growing. . . to elevate higher and higher? 

After connecting to your internal power, learning the skills to heal yourself, the next step is to connect with other divine souls who are on a similar journey.

In this group you will: 

  • Continue to heal, elevate, and rise higher 
  • Open more fully to the mystical aspects of yourself 
  • Connect to others from a healed, whole, powerful place of divinity
  • Support, uplift, and inspire others on their journey 
  • Continue to receive guidance, healing, and professional support from our Certified Mystical Life Coaches.

You are an infinite Being.

Our growth never ends.

Let’s elevate higher. . . together. 

Rising Higher (Going beyond the 3-months)

Price to join: $497.00/month 

You can cancel at any time.

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