Mystical Life Coach Certification Testimonials

The mystical life coaching program has been LIFE CHANGING! I joined the program at a time when I was experiencing some deep pain from old childhood trauma. As I progressed through the program, I learned how to love my pain instead of running from myself. I learned how to transmute some of the deepest wounds I’ve carried for my entire life. As I started to heal at the root level, all the behaviors and coping mechanisms started to disappear. This program helped me realize that I AM what I’m looking for. I was searching “out there” for love the majority of my life. I now KNOW that the love I was searching for is within me. I feel this truth deep within myself. I am what I was searching for all these years. I’ve also learned how to powerfully guide others into deep inner transformation. Getting feedback from Rachel and all the other coaches has helped me improve my coaching skills tremendously. Very grateful for this program and excited to guide others through their own deep inner transformation! 

Tony Yario

Certified Mystical Life Coach

Joining the Mystical Life Coach Certification is one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made as well as one of the most loving things I could have ever done for myself. 

Prior to joining MSU… one would think I lived a pretty “happy” life. 

Sure I had moments of happiness, but for the most part I was always suffering. Fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, feeling stuck, resentment, loneliness were always present and I just thought that was something we all have to go though. 

Why can’t I be more confident? Why do I take things so personal? Why do I NEED to control everything? Why am I constantly looking for validation from others?! These were just a few of the questions that I would constantly ask myself. Shadow-work, plant medicines, men’s work, books, breathwork, meditations, reiki you name it, I probably tried it. Those tools were wonderful and definitely helped me get somewhere but it wasn’t till I joined MSU and learned Rachels method that I actually started to heal and remove (transmute) all the shit that was blocking me from being at peace. 

I’m a completely different person today and this is just the beginning! My heart is full and I’m forever grateful for Rachel and all of the amazing people that I have met at MSU. 

This coaching certification is such a wonderful gift to humanity, this is how we change the world!!

Thank you!!!! 

Alejandro Vela

Certified Mystical Life Coach

I can’t recommend the Mystical Life Coach Certification course enough. 

Rachel is so amazing and powerful to guide you to open to your full potential: establish and grow a direct connection to your Divinity, your Soul, and to your true Power while integrating and transmuting every resisting block on your way. No bullshit here: straight, fast and to the point methodology to alchemize and transform the roots of your own suffering; your mental, emotional and behavioral programs, conditioning and traumas.

Open up to the truth of who we really are by taking radical responsibility and awareness of how we show up in the world and why, versus how we think we are showing up. Go deep into our shadows and blind spots for radical transformation to take place and be the change you want to see in the world. 

Not only will you get through it yourself but you’ll be able to accompany others through this life-changing process. This work is next level. I am beyond grateful to be onboard  with this growing community and to be of service for this world to awaken from within, all together, in the most efficient way.

Greg Bosc

Certified Mystical Life Coach

After hearing Rachel Fiori being Interviewed on a podcast, I felt a strong calling to work with her- to not only to learn how to coach others but to see, heal ,and love my own shit first. And boy, what a ride it’s been. Rachel has not disappointed!!! This past 6 months has been arguably the most transformative ever in terms of recognizing all of the programming I’ve been running. While I thought I had good awareness of my conditioning around running programs of control, rigidity, manipulation, and low self worth, I was not tuned into their roots, how they interconnect, or how subtly they can show up in my day to day life to cause potential havoc.

This was and continues to be a bitter sweet process. It has definitely saved my current relationship and shone a light on the darkness of all my other failed relationships in all walks of life. I can now see with a clearer lens the cycles of wisdom happening here and of this much needed work in the world. I am deeply grateful for this Mystical process of empowering people to heal themselves, and as a result I have hope for the future of humanity that we will one day all see this truth.

Robert Anthony

Certified Mystical Life Coach

I’ve been a client of Rachel Fiori’s for several years. In the past, she supported me by helping to shift the effects of stuck and uncleared energy felt as a highly sensitive person and energy worker. Using her psychic tools she could see the unhealed trauma within me and began to teach me how to transmute it. During one of our private healing sessions, she shared that she was launching her Mystical Life Coaching Certificate and I knew I had to be in her first class.

As soon as the weekly sessions commenced, I could tell that her techniques were highly fine tuned and systematized in a way that would ensure students could develop these methods fully and use them to heal themselves. Her recorded weekly teachings are ordered in a way to create self-awareness and learn how to open our hearts energetically, which is where true healing happens. As a coach in training, I was led through the client experience first for three months before embarking on the coaching aspect of the certification.

I learned how to master the art of heart opening healing so that I can transform my childhood wounds and finally be free of them. I’ve grown to understand what my mental, emotional and behavioral programs are so I can lovingly spot them and take time to heal them when they show up. In the coaches training portion, Rachel led us through deeper teachings so that we could also begin to develop tools of awareness to what programs our clients are running and what keeps them from going into the heart to heal. She demonstrated and we practiced these higher techniques while she lovingly supported our individual process.

I learned so much more about myself in this certification. There were times when I felt that I’ve never truly known how I show up in the world. Working on one’s blind spots and breaking apart the programs is a warrior’s journey. Every tear, the fear, and earth shaking realizations I’ve had have been worth the transformation I’ve been through. Even better, I will continue to heal using these tools for the rest of my life. I can honestly say that I am now comfortable living in my pain when it’s present because I know it’s the way through to a life of freedom. We must FEEL to HEAL.

Rachel Fiori is the definition of REAL. She says it like it is while expressing pure unconditional love for the programs that are present in people. She truly walks her talk. She demonstrates how to stand in one’s personal power but without ego allowing us to learn to do the same. She lives her teachings all day everyday and has spent years helping others to find wholeness. I believe the world is finally ready for her teachings and her realness. It’s time to shift to oneness on this planet and to do so we need to heal at the soul level. I am so excited to help clients learn these teachings so that they can stop searching for the next best fix and finally, once and for all, be on the true path to healing, freedom and oneness themselves.

Treloar Hocking

Certified Mystical Life Coach
Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
Reiki Master

Rachel and her work have been truly transformational in making me more aware of myself, my triggers and how I operate on a deep internal level. She gave me back a sense of power, control and peace that I didn’t have before.  As a result, I am much less rigid, less anxious & fearful, more hopeful & compassionate, and just filled with much more love, (for myself and for others). 

I have always been into self improvement and mindset work which is what initially attracted me to Rachel .I was the type of person who thought stoicism + a mixture of David Goggins mentality was the ultimate way of how I should live my life. When it comes to any fears or emotions that would  be painful, I would use a Cognitive behavioral therapy approach to “get rid” of the feeling. As a result, I had a lot of success in my life with my work, health and relationships. But something inside of me knew that this approach wasn’t the best, because those feelings always seemed to pop back up in another area. And I found myself very drained at the end of the day because I had to control everything.

I came to Rachel because I wanted to find a different route; one of more flow and less forcing, to achieve what I want. I also wanted an opportunity to teach it to others, and I can say with all sincerity that she met all of those needs, plus gave me a community of like-minded people.

I recommend Rachel’s program for anyone looking to heal any past issues, understand yourself on a deeper level and have more acceptance, compassion, patience & love for yourself and others. Your health, relationships and work will all improve as a result, which is an awesome bonus. Now the work is simple, but not easy. However, as long as you are willing to learn and be open to new concepts, and devoted to mastering the work, you will get what you want! 

Lanre Ola

Certified Mystical Life Coach 

When I found Rachel’s work, I connected deeply with her words of truth. I felt this was something different, something that could support REAL healing! 

I felt a deep sense of relationship with Rachel from the get-go. I experience Rachel as extremely skillful in helping me get to the root of my pain and my self-deceptions. She cut through the illusions of safety and control that I clung to out of fear, so that I could access a level of freedom I’d never known before. Rachel’s power is palpable. When in the classroom with her, you feel the spaciousness that surrounds her to accommodate anything that shows up. 

I loved that the course is delivered in bite-sized pieces so that the information has time to land and the week by week practice can gently shift you into a more open-hearted state, which allows more and more to arise to be healed. 

Over time and with Rachel’s guidance, a path of mysticism began opening to me quite organically. I’ve had some profound experiences of pure joy that are indescribable. I’ve been able to access emotional depth and find SO much beauty in life. I’m also so incredibly thankful for the new found relationship I have with my body – the amazing ways in which it communicates with me and enables me to access my vital self. 

As a trained Mystical Life Coach, I am deeply fulfilled in being able to master and offer coaching at the very deepest levels through MSU. It is an honor to be able to work with those ready for a truly felt experience of healing, far beyond simply the behavioral level. I could not recommend Rachel and this life-changing work highly enough!  

Emily Armstrong

Certified Mystical Life Coach