Combat Healer

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A Rehabilitative, Reintegration, & Empowerment Program for Vets and First-Responders

Transformation for Those Who Are Internally Battling



If you suffer from PTSD, depression, or trauma, you CAN heal yourself. You don’t have to emotionally and mentally suffer for the rest of your life.

We’ve jumped tracks from the old model of surface-level support group mentality that’s been offered to veterans in the past, to root-core-based transformation (that is actually extremely effective!). We get to the root of the issue with personalized healing where trauma exists.


This program is for veterans and first responders who want to have a normal, healthy life, and experience real change. The traditional and common modalities that have been offered to veterans who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and/or self-sabotaging behaviors seldom experience long-lasting benefits.

Rachel’s approach is unique. She offers the support you need to transform yourself, step-by-step, by helping identify deeply rooted pre-existing issues that your military or traumatic experiences exacerbated. You have both the capability and the power to entirely change and transform your life and end your suffering. Enjoying life from a level of emotional and mental freedom will become your new normal.

We do the deeper work because it works.


Digital Course Curriculum

A weekly digital course curriculum is offered, including teaching & instructional videos for participants to watch & complete course work on prior to each LIVE coaching session. This guided, active participation helps participants transition into the driver’s seat of their own growth & healing journey.

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Community Reintegration

Transitioning from the military into healthy personal, family, societal, community, or new employment roles can be difficult. Combat Healing teaches people how to shift from surviving to thriving in every aspect of their lives, addressing psychological & emotional stressors, dissolving triggers, & evolving out of survival reaction.

The self-paced program will offer the skills needed to calm the body’s nervous system from firing in non-threatening situations. When one learns how to rewire the brain to activate peaceful responses instead of high-alert responses, reintegration becomes exciting instead of stressful.

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LIVE Weekly Coaching Sessions

Weekly LIVE coaching & empowerment sessions are held and run by Masters of Self University Certified Coaches. These coaches strategically guide participants into deeper understanding of that week’s digital course education, offer skills & tools needed for processing & healing traumas, teach how to identify & heal negative mental, emotional, & behavioral programs, and help to identify & heal core wounds.

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Redefining Your “Purpose”

It’s an unfair expectation to think about reintegrating back into family life, employment, or society when one is not healed and whole. Redefining one’s purpose is key here. The first priority is to make healing your new purpose; to become healed, whole, & powerful.

Once this is accomplished it’s easy to redefine a new purpose for the rest of your life. This may mean a new career in helping others to heal & rehabilitate, turning an old passion or hobby into a career, or launching your own business. You’ll learn how to powerfully create a new future with endless possibilities.

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Weekly Support Calls With a Mentor

Throughout the program, participants will have extra support offered by a certified mentor. This includes weekly (30 minute) support calls to keep participants on track, hold them accountable for active participation, and offer extra emotional support during dark days.

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Mentorship Certification

You can look forward to a new future of selfless-service! After 9 months of participation in the program, participants are eligible to enter into a 3-month “Certified Mentor for Vets & First Responders” program.

This program educates, trains, & certifies women and men to contribute to Live coaching sessions for the Combat Healer program, and to take a caseload of support calls for new participants in the Combat Healer program. Certified Mentors are available for hire as Masters of Self University Employees. Those that are interested in this can look forward to a new career, or go even further and apply to the program to become a certified coach for Masters of Self University.


This type of work isn’t for everyone. It’s specialized and out-of-the-box, incorporating spiritual psychology and holistic treatment methods. It’s DEEP. It’s empowering. It’s far more effective than most traditional programs that attempt to help veterans, police officers, and other first responders with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and similar issues.


(This program starts in 2022)

If you’re ready to truly heal yourself, end your mental and emotional suffering, and take every aspect of your life back in powerful and loving ways, then fill out the form below.

We will email you to let you know the exact start-date of the program, the Zoom links to join, & if/when in-person opportunities become available in your area.

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