Corporate Business Coaching for Youth Organizations

three children smiling while standing next to each other

Working with children?

You can help a little or you can help a lot.

Heal first. Help second. …for real.

  • Stop the pattern.
  • Be effective.
  • Have an impact.

What if your own wounding still lingers? How are you going to help a young person fully step into their own and heal when you haven’t done it yourself?


  • How to effectively heal and transform your own child wounding and experiences.
  • How to coach and come from a place of wholeness as you work with children in their traumas and perspectives.


  • Transform other people’s lives by first transforming your own. This is an effective fast-track to understanding what it truly takes to be an effective leader, coach, and support to not just youth, but people of all ages.
  • With the successful completion of the program, you’ll be a certified coach that specifically navigates the deep inner healing of old, childhood traumas, as well as be skilled at teaching children how to process and move through their difficult challenges and emotional pain with inner power and wisdom.

If you’re willing to do the REAL work,

this program will change your life, guaranteed.

~Josh Trent: Austin, TX Host of Wellness Force Podcast


This program was designed and developed by Rachel Fiori, MSOT. With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health, (in children & adults), a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, Rachel has spent the past 23 years working with people, from all walks of life who want to be better leaders, parents, professionals, and humans.

With thousands of hours of working with individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, traumatic and unimaginable events, and with people from all over the world, Rachel has extracted the most important component and elements that truly heal and transform a person to their core.


Fact #1: We reenact our childhoods over and over again throughout our entire lives in the form of mental programs, emotional programs, and behavioral programs. 

Fact #2: Time heals nothing. In fact, as time goes on, our unhealed wounds and negative subconscious programs only sink more deeply into our blind spots making them harder to see, heal, and change. 

Fact #3: Most adults with the best of intentions are guiding youth from the unhealed wounded aspects of themselves. Most people haven’t been led through the deepest levels of transformational healing on themselves first, before choosing to work with at-risk children. 

Fact #4: Behaviors are a symptom of a deeply rooted, often hidden subconscious program or unhealed wound. Treating people at the behavioral level never heals the deeper problem that causes the behaviors to begin with. 

Fact #5: To guide, teach, coach or heal children and youth at the highest level of integrity, one must take the time to heal himself. One must free themselves from all of their own, (often hidden) inner child wounds to most effectively guide children out of theirs. 

“Don’t mistake a lesson that needs to be learned

for something that needs to be healed.” 

~ Rachel fiori

You have the power to transform the next generation and create a ripple effect for humanity. Healing is possible, and it must start with you. Without fully healing yourself first, you’re limiting your potential to help others in the deepest way.

Heal first. Help second. …for real.


It’s a two-fold investment:

  • Personally, You’ll move through the deepest level of personal self-transformation and healing. 
  • Professionally, You’ll gain exceptional skills to both powerfully and lovingly guide others to heal at the deepest level too. With ongoing support, mentorship, and training (following your certification) you’ll have continual access to the mystical community. Allowing you to stay in the energetics of this powerful work and nurturing you spiritually and professionally.

 Heal first. Help second. …for real and for life.


Despite having a desire to help young kids work through their issues and struggles, good intentions aren’t enough. Good intentions don’t equal effective results.

Don’t question yourself a couple of months from now with things like, “Could I have been more helpful to these kids if I had done the healing myself?” The answer is yes

From this point on, you’ll know and understand the importance of this work. You won’t forget the necessity of taking your own personal healing journey through the Certification Program Name. If you want to be the best coach you can be, don’t miss out on the chance to make that possible.


Option 1: 

  1. Employees/Staff get Certified as Mystical Life Coaches
  2. 6-month certification program that moves you through transformational-healing, and then teaches the coaching skills to move others through the same
  3. Click here for details about the Mystical Life Coach Certification program
  4. In-person, employee training/s may be added to this program for an additional fee. Note: In-person training cannot be guaranteed due to limitations associated with COVID.

Option 2: 

  1. Employees/Staff receive a 3-month Coaching Program for personal development, healing, & growth. The main aspect of this option is to heal the aspects of your wounded inner child, and all subconscious programming that impacts your life and relationships in a negative way.  
  2. Staff will be more healed, whole, and better prepared for working with youth, clients, and customers.
  3. In-person, employee training/s may be added to this program for an additional fee. Note: In-person training cannot be guaranteed due to limitations associated with COVID. 

Option 3: 

  1. In-person training and mentorship of staff to assist with integration and implementation of what they’ve learned or have been trained in. 
  2. This option is only available once the employees have completed the full 3-month coaching program or 6-month Mystical Life Coach Certification.
  3. Price will vary depending on A) how many Masters of Self University Coaches will be required, B) how many days of mentorship will be negotiated, C) how many employees need to be mentored, and D) geographic location/traveling requirements. 

Please contact Rachel for pricing details.

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