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Healing and Creating Harmony on an individual, organizational and global level

Create Corporate Harmony

Use your corporate life as the pathway to healing YOU.

The connection a corporation has with their employees should be two-fold:

  1. Provide the highest level of product or service with the highest level of integrity. 
  2. Be a place of harmonious healing for all employees’ mental and emotional wellness. 

Number 2 is where most companies fall short. And in fact, most companies actually contribute to mental and emotional unrest for the people that work within their organization by using programs that create inefficiency, conflicts, mistakes, self-sabotage, personality clashes, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover.

Imagine the success of your business if you turned the workplace into a place of mental and emotional healing. Instead of work being a major cause of stress, it was transformed into a safe haven where stress melts away… for good.

"The reason why there isn’t harmony at an organizational level is because there isn’t harmony at each individual’s level." 

How many of you rely on personality tests? I’m going to ask that you throw those in the trash. The problem with personality tests is that they don’t reveal insight about a person’s subconscious programming, only their surface level behavioral programs. Because they don’t reveal the root causes of those preferences or behaviors, personality tests are a waste of time and resources. 

We educate and coach on the mental, emotional, behavioral and inner child programs that create conflict, disharmony, and inefficiency at work; the CORE reasons why employees & management either thrive or struggle on a daily basis. Outer relationships with others are a reflection of the inner relationships people have with their own subconscious programming, most of which are completely hidden, misunderstood, and overlooked. 

Personality tests only reveal surface level information about a person. People’s personalities are framed during early childhood based on the “programming” from the way they were parented and from early life experiences. Most people have little to no awareness about the fact that they are re-enacting their childhoods over and over again… in their daily lives, their relationships, and while at work. 

Management and work styles actually stem from the way that a person’s subconscious has been programmed before they turned 7 years old.

"One who lives with their heart fully open, is someone who can handle anything life throws at them."

Is your management style rigid, disengaged, permissive, or enmeshed? Those are the four main types of dysfunctional parenting styles that most people grew up with. Depending on those styles, that will trigger the unhealed inner child programs in your employees. Work associates are now playing out parent- child relationships at work with no awareness that they’re re-enacting their childhoods over and over again. 

This results in frustration, resentment, decreased productivity, inefficiency, or high turnover rates. Not to mention that it creates a stressful and unhealthy environment for most to be engaged in. This triggers the feelings of being overlooked and/or undervalued which have the long term effect of employees to give up, not try so hard, or simply not care about the company or the managers that they work for. 

Imagine the workplace becoming a place of healing. Imagine work being a stress reliever instead of the cause of stress. 

Instead of years of therapy that go nowhere, imagine your company being the place where you’ve fully healed the root causes of all of your stress and unhappiness. 

Imagine the level of gratitude and loyalty companies would receive from their employees if they came to work and received inner healing for themselves. 

Imagine coming to WORK to feel lighter, happier, fulfilled, and that you’re making a real difference in the world by impacting people’s lives in such a priceless way. Imagine creating true HARMONY at work. The butterfly effect of this is to create harmony all over the world. 

It’s no secret that how you show up in life, in relationships, and at work, has a major impact on those around you. So why not show up in a genuinely harmonious way where you can have a major impact on everyone around you? The “fake it till you make it” attitude is superficial, disingenuous, and toxic. It’s time to be better. The tides have changed. It’s time to genuinely heal ourselves from the inside out so we can create harmony in all aspects of our lives. 

Historically there’s been such a huge disconnect between work and private lives. The insanity of this ignores the fact that every person brings their mental and emotional states with them to work every single day. 

It’s time to reset how corporations function

Heal at an individual and organization level

Become balanced and whole at the mental and emotional levels

This is how you create harmony in each individual, your entire organization, and affect harmonious change throughout the world. 

The harmony within you magnifies the harmony within another. When you’re both united together, you have a bigger impact on the harmony that you activate within more and more people. . . more and more customers. . . family members. . . and eventually, the world.

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Photo by Yan Krukov.

What this program requires: 

  • A 2-day introductory workshop.
  • Weekly coaching sessions for managers and employees for one year.
  • A half-day to full-day workshop at the 6-month mark (depending on the size of your organization).

After the 1 year completion of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the digital training for new employee onboarding in Harmony training, continue with weekly coaching sessions for new hires, as well as continue with weekly or monthly group coaching on an ongoing basis. 

Employees will then have access to coaches to dive more deeply into their personal lives and relationships through coaching, master classes, and memberships that are offered at Masters of Self University,

What will be covered: 

  • Triggers and reactions 
  • Mental Programs
  • Emotional Programs 
  • Behavioral Programs 
  • Inner child wounds 
  • How to heal stress, overwhelm, and burnout . . . permanently.
  • Understand how all of the above result in inefficiency, lower productivity levels, high turnover rates, poor quality, and miscommunication.

Understand how every single one of these is at the cause of every single activation of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, frustration, anger, and burnout. 

Heal every one of your negative programs at the root cause. 

When people can look forward to their workplace being a true sanctuary of healing for themselves, the level of fulfillment at work will amplify. When people are fulfilled, healed, mentally and emotionally elevated, they’ll bring this high vibration to everything that they do at work. Productivity, quality of service, efficiency, etc. elevates the more each employee elevates. The corporation transforms and elevates from the inside out. Traditionally, corporations have tried to become more successful from the outside in. Incentives, bonuses, and raises are superficial, temporary solutions to the deeper subconscious programs people bring to work with them every single day.

Join our global mission to create harmony within the corporations that provide products and services to the people on this planet.

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