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Finding Freedom

Welcome to “Finding Freedom”

Let’s be clear here, traditional talk therapy and medications do not heal depression or anxiety. So why is our culture and our world continuing to offer treatment methods that don’t heal the root causes of depression and anxiety? 

You won’t find freedom from what ails you through traditional methods. Finding Freedom from depression and anxiety requires you to throw out all of those old coping mechanisms that you’ve learned.

It’s time to stop coping and start actually healing at the core level.

Our Finding Freedom Group is centered around just that: YOUR FREEDOM. Your emotional and mental freedom are byproducts of the transformational methods that you will be guided through. Once you learn how to tap into and activate the process of alchemy within you, your symptoms will begin to dissolve. After a period of time, the deeper you go with this work, the more profound your results will be. We teach you, support you, and heal you at the core level. If the roots aren’t healed, the weeds will always grow back. We show you exactly how to pull the roots of those depression/anxiety weeds out of your energetic system so they are no longer a part of your identity or your life.

If the roots aren’t healed, the weeds will always grow back.

The curriculum and the expert guidance that we offer teach you how to become aware of the specific programs that you run, and how to alchemize every single one of them so they are no longer a part of who you are. What you get to experience over time, are less and less triggers, decreasing levels of anxiety until it’s completely gone, and the organic release of dopamine boosts that you learn how to activate within yourself!  

We will show you how to connect to your true source of power so you can once and for all, elevate beyond the depression story, and become who you are meant to become in this lifetime.

No more experiencing powerlessness through depression and anxiety overtaking you. It’s time to set yourself free and experience life from the place of self-empowerment.

We Are Different.

We are different because we use cutting edge, holistic methods including psychoenergetics and vibrational medicine to heal the root causes of addiction that are still trapped inside of you.

This is a community that is led by trauma-trained, highly conscious professionals, who flow with the raw power of transformational, healing energy. Our certified Mystical Life Coaches will guide you through the deepest levels of transformational-healing, show you how to reconnect to your true divine, intuitive nature, heal your woundedness, depression, and anxiety programs so you can achieve the best version of you that you have yet to experience.


This group is held weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM PST via Zoom


We charge a $2,000.00 USD initiation fee for the first month to join, and then a monthly fee of $497.00 every month thereafter. We require a minimum of a 3-month commitment in order to move through the required foundational course curriculum. This community is fueled by the willingness and devotion to fully heal once and for all. Stop investing your time and energy in your depression/anxiety story and invest right now in the source that can finally guide you to true transformational-healing. The time is NOW to triumph over depression and anxiety.

Finding Freedom

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