EC-102: Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Prerequisites: CC-100 The Power Within: Fiori Transformation Method ***This course can be taken concurrently with CC-100

Course Description: This course is a combination of lecture, discussion and practice in the modality of Reiki energy healing. In the first 8 weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of Reiki known as Level 1 which includes the history of Reiki, standard hand positions, and how to give a complete treatment to self and others. In the final 8 weeks of the course, students gain Level 2 knowledge and experience using 3 ancient and powerful healing symbols. Students learn how to give distance healings as well as the fundamentals of Reiki as a business. This course will enable you to gain the knowledge of theory and hands-on practice which are needed to be an effective and powerful Reiki practitioner. Each 8 week module includes a Reiki attunement, level of completion certificate and workbook.

Course Curriculum:

Reiki Level 1 Curriculum

– Introduction to Reiki Level 1, history and benefits

– Reiki Principles, Aspects, Elements

– Entrainment, Subtle Energies and Ego

– Hand Positions for Self

– Permission before sharing Reiki with others

– Hand Positions for Others

– Exam

– Receive Reiki Attunement and Certification 

Reiki Level 2 Curriculum

– Introduction to Reiki Level 2

– Understanding Healing Beyond Time and Space

– Learn Reiki Symbols

– Sending Distance Healing and Practice

– Sharing in Groups, Reiki as first aid, Treating Animals, Plants, Objects and Global Situations

– Reiki as a Professional Practitioner

– Exam

– Receive Reiki Attunement and Certification

Required Text: Digital Workbook (provided)

Semester: Spring 2023 January 10 – May 2, 2023 16 Weekly classes held on Tuesday One week break: March 12-18th

Class Time: 90 Minute class one time per week

Schedule: Tuesdays, 10:30 AM PST – 12:00 PM PST

Daylight Savings Time: Please note that Daylight Savings Time goes into effect in the United States on March 13th!! Be sure you will still be able to attend the classes after the time change!

Number of Credits/Hours: 2.50

Cost: $1,111.11