Going Beyond

Going Beyond

The Power Within

We intuitively understand that the journey of elevating to higher levels of consciousness cannot be accomplished within a finite timeline.


We also know that true mystical experiences tend to be cultivated over an extended period of deep devotion to the work.


We at Masters of Self University are here to support you on your healing and mystical journey into Oneness.


So let’s keep going . . . together! 

Now that you’ve completed a full coaching program at Masters of Self University and you:

  • Want to continue to your growth to even higher levels of consciousness
  • Know you’d still benefit from ongoing support from a Certified Mystical Coach
  • Would love to connect to other powerful individuals who actively engage in this type of self growth and healing
  • Want to be part of a mystical movement to collectively create more Light on the planet

If any of the above resonates with you, “Going Beyond” The Power Within Program is the ideal next stage of your journey to higher levels of consciousness, continued growth, enlightenment, and Oneness! 


This program is specifically designed to further the growth of students who have completed The Power Within series (any full coaching program at Masters of Self University). These classes will provide a group setting that brings like-minded, heart-centered souls together to grow in Oneness with each other. 



  • Accelerate the healing of your programs and wounds
  • Expand the level of Light and divine ability to alchemize negative energies and emotions
  • Learn to support others in their healing through an elevated and grounded energetic space
  • Expand your Light to others in need when they’re moving through their challenges, while mastering the ability to never take on others’ stuff; keeping yourself clear, loving, and powerful
  • Connect heart to heart with others who live this work and can relate to you from the level of divinity that you and they are

You’ve built the foundation, so let’s keep elevating!


Going Beyond Option A: 

Group class 

1 Live group session per month 


Going Beyond Option B:

Group Class

2 Live group sessions per month


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