Hollywood 911

Hollywood 911

People in the entertainment industry need trusted professionals
that they can turn to to guide them through
the challenges that come with fame & living in the public eye. 

Help for Actors/Actresses 

Whether you’ve suddenly been thrust into the limelight or have been in the industry for a lifetime, the demands of working in Hollywood can take its toll on anyone. It can be easy to forget that those that are admired on screen are in fact, human.

You have normal human emotions. You experience trauma like any other person. You live through stress and the hardships of life and relationships like anyone else. The difference is that you’re forced to do it while everyone is watching your every move. The invasion of privacy alone can be daunting. And the lack of mental and emotional support to handle what comes with fame is more than evident.

Reality TV Cast Members

Basic psychology teaches us that extremely positive events, not just negative ones, can trigger unpleasant emotions including anxiety, panic, and a sense of uneasiness. One’s sense of self can be shaken to their core. Suddenly being thrust into the spotlight is what most reality cast members experience, along with the loneliness that comes with not having anyone that they can turn to to guide them through such a major and sudden life change. 


We're Here to Help

There is an eminent need for mental and emotional health support before, during, and after production for TV show participants and actors/actresses. The physical and emotional demands to prepare, film, and adjust to life post production is a proactive way to prevent the emotional and mental breakdowns that can occur.


We Go Beyond Supporting You. . .

We don’t waste our time with coping strategies, talk therapy, behavioral modalities, or any other surface level treatment that doesn’t actually transform your pain. We heal the root cause of mental and emotional struggles. . . period. Living a life of mental and emotional freedom is your right. Even if you live in the spotlight of fame. 

We offer group coaching for entire teams of cast members, or 1-on-1 coaching programs for individuals. Schedule your consultation with us now so we can get your healing journey started. 

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