LEVEL II: Mystical Relationship Coach

Master the art of sacred relating through harmony, peace, & deep intimacy. This advanced level of coaching teaches how to eliminate the programs that couples run that cause fighting, discord, conflicts, misunderstandings, & break trust. You will learn how people re-enact their childhoods over & over again in their romantic relationships. You will strategically guide couples to heal their parenting wounds that get projected onto their partners, that many don’t even realize they have. You will become a master at guiding couples through transformational-healing while helping them to build a Sacred Union that lasts forever.

To guide couples toward each other vs turning away requires a mystical level of mastery.

What’s almost more critical to learn, is what doesn’t work. This training clarifies the often misused tools that get mistaken for transformational-healing strategies. For example, “loving communication” or “conflict resolution strategies”. These surface-level tools are often incorrectly used and introduced too early to struggling couples. No tool when used from the place of woundedness will heal anything. Couples must be guided to the root causes of their ongoing conflicts, shown how to heal, and only once this has occurred can surface-level tools be offered to further enhance the couples emotional healing and loving bond.

Some of What You Will Master:

  • Discernment between surface-level tools & transformational-healing strategies
  • Identify & transform mental programs
  • Identify & transform emotional programs
  • Identify & transform behavioral programs
  • What the Mystical Parent is & how to use this to heal all aspects of one’s inner child
  • How to end all fighting between a couple forever
  • How to heal & create deep levels of trust
  • How to terminate all forms of co-dependency between two people & invoke healthy relating
  • How to ignite individual Divine power that can be used to transform the relationship
  • To guide a couple into Sacred Honoring of one another
  • And much more. . .

Level II: Mystical Relationship Coach Certification requires that you first receive the Level I Mystical Life Coach Certification. This Level II training is priced at $2,500.00. If you are ready to earn both certifications back-to-back, a discount of $1,000.00 will be given to those who purchase both levels at once.

If you’re ready to move through and earn both certification levels, and become a Certified Mystical Life Coach AND a Certified Relationship Coach, apply below!

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