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Aaron Levine

Aaron Levine: USA

I am an audio engineer and musician in the midst of uncovering my path towards facilitating healing in others. At a young age I discovered my innate passion for music but never listened to this intuition. Throughout my life I was told music was a hobby and not a “real” career. I fell into drug use and bouts of depression spurred by feelings of insecurity towards my life’s direction. I spent some years in and out of rehabilitation centers and jails leading to abstinence from drugs but no healing of the underlying traumas.

While periodically relapsing and dealing with depression and dead-end jobs, I dove into the audio industry to stay around music. As an audio professional a lack of focus on my own music led to greater friction. On paper, I had a string of impressive jobs but was living aimlessly and ceaselessly ignoring my intuition. When the worldwide lockdown began I had a moment of clarity realizing I must become my own boss, play my own music and renew my focus on my health. My life’s second passion revealed itself; I knew I was to assist others on a path of self-realization.

Serendipitously, a podcast I enjoy featured Rachel Fiori, who was, at the time, unknown to me. She was speaking objectively about all I had been experiencing and considering. Her expertise shown through and the allure of someone speaking about our Higher Selves, our intuition, etc. in such a concrete way made it obvious it was real in her life. These were new concepts to me and my intuition lit up; I knew I was to learn from this person. I listened to my intuition this time and am beyond grateful I did. Currently, I am on my journey towards becoming a fully realized human being, owning who I am and making no excuses for myself.

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