Meet Alejandro

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Alejandro Vela

Alejandro Vela: Redding, CA USA

Creator of ‘Mindful Movement’ | Certified Breathwork Facilitator | Youth Mentor

Alejandro serves as the guiding light for all heart-centered warriors, and is deeply committed to sharing his unique practice of ‘Mindful Movement’ where he combines the teachings of Boxing, Breath, and Benevolence to ripple impactful change into the lives of those he guides.

He is a masterful mediator between the mind and body, helping you to tap into your heart and process your emotions through physical movement, gentle breathwork, and learning compassion for oneself.

Alejandro has been serving his commUNITY for 6 years, allowing his work of service to evolve alongside his own journey. Growing up in the south side of LA, he became accustomed to the rough neighborhoods, and disconnected home life, which pushed him to embark on his own path of self-discovery.

He believes the experience of growth should be deep and exploratory, yet also gentle and playful. His empathic and compassionate heart combined with teachings , and awareness is what continues to bring sustainable change to his commUNITY of heart-centered warriors.

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