Meet Alexia

Alexia Espinoza

Alexia Espinoza

Alexia graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She currently works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the Department of Education and part-time in a foster care agency.

Alexia’s background is working with students who have special needs and assisting families to navigate the complex system of special education.  Additionally, Alexia works with mothers within the system of foster care that have been a victim of domestic violence and supports them in navigating complex social and emotional issues.  Alexia has also worked in private practice providing therapy to help adults, couples, children and adolescents in coping with trauma and build resilience. Her bilingual Spanish skills have helped her work with a wide range of individuals in the therapeutic setting. 

Through this work Alexia has recognized the need for more to help support her clients in empowering them to reach their highest potential. Recognizing that traditional talk therapy isn’t always enough. 

In her own healing journey, Alexia attempted to apply different modalities to support herself and her clients.  During a particularly difficult time in Alexia’s life that involved a devastating and prolonged break-up is when she realized how much of her own patterns/programs came up in different areas in her life. Alexia heard Rachel Fiori speak on two different podcasts and became intrigued by MSU. This led to Alexia enrolling at MSU to become a Mystical Life Coach. Alexia’s passion has grown to use this work to empower others to find their way back to themselves. 

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