Meet Ameilya

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Ameilya Sullivan

Ameilya Sullivan: USA

Ameilya has always known there was more to life.  From a young age she began to question the roles we inherit.  

As a mother and former preschool teacher Ameilya has experience both teaching and learning from children.  Children need support navigating emotions and through acknowledgement and deep presence there is a natural process that occurs.  When children develop emotional intelligence at a young age they are better prepared to navigate challenges, are more empathic and have healthy relationships.  

Ameilya saw the clear need most adults have for these understandings. Through growing her  awareness and seeing the ways in which she was creating her reality she began her journey of Radical self responsibility.  Sorting through programs and beliefs, allowed the debris to clear and made way for her true self to shine through.  

During a particularly painful time, she discovered a deep internal peace. An unshakable love that exists in us all.  This is where she began to source from. Within. 

Through a conscious approach to motherhood, there have been many opportunities to continue the shedding of the old, and welcome the new heart-centered way of loving leading and learning.  Her children are her greatest teachers.  

Ameilya is drawn to this work because she sees that there is a need for deep healing in humanity.  She is interested in diving deeper into the root cause of our suffering, and the integration of both the Human and Spirit.  She is dedicated to growing her light and sharing it with the world.