Meet Asha

Asha Tracey

Asha Tracey

Asha is a 35 year old single mum from Perth, Western Australia. The split from her ex propelled her into a deep spiritual journey, searching for answers. 

Why aren’t my relationships working? Why do I always turn to food? Why is my self esteem so low? How can I turn this around and feel the inner peace I’m so desperately craving? 

She’d accomplished some incredible things. Being the strongest woman in Western Australia, the Australian National Champion and the 8th strongest at the world championships Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. These experiences allowed her to build confidence, express herself and feel self worth. But when it all ended due to injury she felt like she was right back where she started. Lost and searching for answers. 

Since starting the work at MSU Asha is discovering the core wounds and programs that have been running the show in her life up until now. She’s on the journey of healing herself and looking forward to empowering others to heal themselves too. 

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