Meet Atlas

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Atlas Zirconium

Atlas Zirconium: USA

As a certified energy practitioner and alchemist, Atlas is dedicated to honoring her unique gifts to bring greater awareness and self-responsibility to the world. Her presence is grounded and compassionate as her professional nature honors both human transparency and humor.

With a nomadic spirit, endless curiosity and a sharp, creative mind, Atlas has worn many professional hats and has lived in various places across the globe. Born and raised in Philadelphia PA, Atlas came into this world with an innate dedication towards seeking divine truth. As a highly creative and sensitive child, the early abuse and neglect she endured drove her to withdraw and shut down, exploring various means to self numb and redirect her emotional pain.

When committed to a psychiatric hospital by the police at the age of 14, she truly saw how dysfunctional and manipulative societal constructs are to the human spirit. Since, she has been on a journey towards radical truth and has had no fear going against social norms to uncover it.

Atlas has a BA in Music Therapy and holds certifications in Permaculture, BioGeometry, and Energy Healing. She has been a professional musician, visual artist, renowned tattoo artist, jeweler, and volunteered as a transformational life coach for over a decade. She is the mother of two amazing young women, as well as a dedicated grandma.