Meet Beverly

person holding black dumbbells

Beverly Ivey Johnson

Beverly Ivey Johnson: USA

Beverly has been helping people with improvements in their health and fitness for over 20 years. She founded B-Fit Personal Training in 2001, after starting her career at a local gym in 1999.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Beverly has continued her education through programs such as American Council on Exercise, TRX, IHP, and the CHEK Institute. She is a Level 2 Holistic Health Coach and Level 2 Integrated Movement Specialist with the CHEK Institute.

Beverly has been on a path for the last 16 years trying to figure out why she makes the choices that she makes, how she can help others make better choices, and how we are all connected and affected by all things around us. She continually strives to learn what keeps her from reaching the goals that she has in life, as well as how to heal issues that challenge her on a daily basis.