Meet Christie

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Christie Lou Cunneyworth

Christie Lou Cunneyworth: BC, Canada

Christie is passionate about empowering herself and others to recognize their innate power and potential for healing. She has a background in Kinesiology with concentrated focus in Nutrition Studies, Active Health and Rehabilitation. Christie has been a practicing Registered Nurse since 2015 with specialty training in Emergency and Critical Care and is a longtime Volunteer with Red Mountain Ski Patrol.

Creating recovery plans with spinal injury clients was integral to her career development, allowing her to witness the strength and resiliency of humans that choose to face their fears and show up for themselves against all odds. When faced with her own adversity, Christie quickly recognized that she would have to be her own advocate in a system that does not share her perspective of what true health and healing looks like. Since this time she has supported herself and others through a variety of allopathic and alternative perspectives, spiritual practices and conscious communication techniques to facilitate deep healing of body, mind and soul.

Christie has been a leader and teacher her whole life, forging her own path in a world that would rather she conform to conventional norms. Her first spiritual awakenings came many years ago when she found herself at a rock bottom and contemplating the end of her life. Through these experiences she consciously connected for the first time with a higher power, receiving downloads and activations to shift her circumstances.

Since then she has been connecting to her heart to follow her intuitive nudges and divine guidance to co-create the life of her dreams on the ocean and in the mountains while learning to play the games of the universe! Rachels teachings synchronistically came across Christie’s path in perfect timing and she is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be mentored by such a like-minded shining light! She is here to help guide humanity through the radical spiritual evolution currently taking place on this planet.

“I believe every human being has the capacity to heal themselves irrespective of their life circumstances and that illness and dis-ease are merely messengers to show us what in our current experience requires attention, love and support. When we align ourselves with our intuitive guidance, we can manifest magic and miracles beyond our wildest dreams!”

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