Meet Danny

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Danny Morley

Danny Morley: UK/USA

Danny was born and educated in the UK. His undergraduate degree in human geography ignited a spark into studying why people live and behave in certain ways. It wasn’t until his master’s degree in leadership that he really entered the world of personal development. His leadership degree began his journey inwards because to be a good leader you first must know thyself. Only once you understand who you are, can you show up authentically as a leader for people to follow. Self-awareness therefore became a fundamental part of his life moving forward. 

For over ten years life was preparing Danny through various challenges in the hospitality industry to finally step into his power and live a life of meaning and purpose as a mystical life coach. Unknowing to him at the time, he was refining his ability to effectively connect and communicate to a diverse range of people. 

When Danny was 26, he fell into a dark night of the soul. It wasn’t until he was faced with the challenges of visual snow, a deep depression and severe anxiety that he really started asking some deeper questions about his own existence and the nature of reality. Danny became a student of his own suffering and began to study anything pertaining to mental and emotional health. He worked with shamans, studied yogic and ancient spiritual teachings, practiced breathwork and meditation, and many other modalities in search for answers and healing. Naturally through the darkness of his pain he discovered his true spiritual nature. It wasn’t until Danny found Masters of Self University that his true transformation began. By opening to love, healing his wounds, and embracing his shadow, Danny was able to retrieve a fragment of his soul he lost during his depression. 

From a young age Danny knew that his life was about spreading and connecting to Love. Since his awakening, Danny has devoted his life to his own personal healing and helping others on their own journey to mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery. 

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