Meet Emily

Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt

Emily is a mama of two girls, currently living in Bend, OR; she is the partial owner of a small trucking company, having worked in the construction industry for 10 years.

After the ending of her marriage in 2018, a desire to more deeply understand the roots of choices made over the course of her lifetime was fostered. There was a sense of the darkness within that had never been accessed, and a calling to go inward was impossible to ignore.

The understanding cultivated came through as this:
Our deeply painful experiences in life are not to be taken at face value, rather they are a window into a profound knowing and a connection to our hearts!

Emily has been working in the coaching industry for several years, working first with movement and embodiment before becoming certified with masters of self university.

Her desires lay in helping people access their innate power, love, and mysticism that exists in all of us in order to move through and heal trauma.
Emily has a great desire to give back to others through this work, with a passion for giving back to the ones who have given of themselves in ways that most of us cannot see or fathom; having witnessed the impact of that giving through her connection to the veteran community.

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