Meet Fabio

Fabio Osorio

Fabio Osorio

Finally arriving at the time and space where repeating cycles and living in disharmony with one’s self is no longer a choice, I am now here to discover, heal and love all aspects of who i am and follow the passion of helping others do the same for themselves through guiding, mentoring, and coaching.

Born in Mexico and raised in Colombia, migrated to the United States at the age of 15. Joined the Marine Corps right out of high school, spending 12 years in the service and being exposed to many dark aspects on myself and the world, I quickly learned my innate ability to connect and help people, especially with their emotional and personal hurdles and challenges, always enjoying watching people feel and become what they couldn’t see themselves doing.

Now, as an adult and as a father, I’ve found myself realizing that the biggest challenge has been connecting with myself, my heart, and the divinity of who we truly are.

The work that I’ve started years ago through therapy and counseling has granted me just enough awareness, so I can be prepared to face the truth of healing and dismantling
the programs and patterns, that through Rachel and Masters of Self University , I would have never been able to find the way to truly transmute them into the powerful light that now guides me to continue to do this beautiful work , and have the honor to help others in their journey of healing and self discovery.

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