Meet Gregoire

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Gregoire Bosc

Gregoire Bosc: French Caribbean (Bilingual: French/English)

Greg was born in France and grew up in the French Caribbeans from the age of 5. His teenage years were filled with surfing and doing martial arts, listening and studying music. In his late 20’s he flew to India where he met with his Gurus and dedicated full-time to his spiritual quest. He went through extreme Sadhana, meditative practices and Sevas. 

He lived as a monk for more than 4 years, a massive turning point in his life. Sound and vibrations, the nature of consciousness and the mind became a daily case study. Life wanted him to come by three beloved persons, and witness and assist them in their dying process. A dear friend and both of his parents, all died from their treatments, in what seemed to be the most absurd way to deal with human heath.

Greg shifted from a very hermit type of living and spent the last decade more and more involved in being of service to others on their path. Ever learning different skills to go further in his own healing, while expanding the limits of his practices.

He has been teaching meditation, and has few certifications. The ones he uses the most being; Sound Healing, ATMA Janzu, Biofield Tuning, and less frequently Holographic Kinetics and music production. He sees all those modalities like platforms to enable him to share at deeper levels than just words, a space of high quality grounded presence, attention, intention and care.

Recently, he heard Rachel Fiori speak on two podcasts and knew that this was the next level of his journey. She eloquently pointed out what was obviously still standing in his own way to awakening; healing once and for all, the deeper wounds, programing, and conditioning still at play, hiding in the shadows of his consciousness. 

This is so far his participation in the evolution of the collective consciousness; to be of service to mankind in its process of awakening to its true nature.

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