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JeanPaul Dauval

JeanPaul Dauval: USA

JeanPaul dedicates his energy towards nurturing creativity and self expression in others. As a public school teacher in inner city Philadelphia, he’s committed to sharing optimism and sensitivity in an otherwise rigid and oppressive system. Whether teaching writing and reading, drama, or creative poetry, he’s a well respected teacher, dedicated to helping his students pave their individual path in life through personal growth and greater awareness.   He’s been teaching English and Humanities for public schools for 20 years in the state of PA, NC, and NY. JeanPaul’s dedication towards humanizing schools is inspired by educators like Jonathan Kozol, and John Taylor Gatto. JeanPaul has always been committed to the personal growth of his students.

As a Cuban American, JeanPaul feels a deep resonance with his family’s heritage and inspires others through times of struggle, strife and discord. In addition to his career as an educator, JeanPaul is an admired local artist in the greater Philadelphia region. His unique works offer him a cathartic and exploratory outlet of expression. He truly exudes a creative spirit in everything he does, allowing him perspectives beyond the confines of societal programs.

Through his years of success as a teacher and artist, JeanPaul also fell victim to psychological labels, rampant diagnosis, and the mental health stigma eerily prevalent in society today. Having spent time in psychiatric hospitals, with a bi-polar diagnosis, under the “care” of the medical industry, JeanPaul’s insecurities deepened as he lost belief in his innate ability to create balance, stability and resiliency in his life. He didn’t value his physical, emotional or spiritual needs and his life began unraveling at a terrifying rate. Through manic episodes with extreme behaviors, leading to catastrophic results, JeanPaul began to recognize that he needed to step into a sense of responsibility, urgently.

With a few lifestyle changes, increased awareness and a drive towards self actualization and freedom, JeanPaul began exploring various modalities of healing, including inner child work, somatic experiencing, energy work, and acupuncture. This exploration has led him towards the coaching program at Masters of Self University.

Currently, he splits his time between Philadelphia where he lives and works, and Ithaca, NY where his three children live.

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