Meet Lanre

barbell on the floor

Lanre Ola-Adigun

Lanre Ola-Adigun: Nigeria/Canada

Lanre has a BSC degree in Kinesiology, is a Personal Trainer & Strength Coach, Nutritionist, and Integrative Health Practitioner.

Lanre has spent the past 9 years empowering individuals across the work to improve their fitness, rebalance their body to optimize their health, and just recently, is now able to fully help people heal there limiting beliefs on a physical, mental, and emotional level. He understands that you if want to change the body in whatever modality you choose, you must change the mind, and in order to do that you must work on your shadow self, see the root cause of why you are struggling, and begin to heal that.

Lanre can help you on all levels of life to achieve all that you were meant to receive, in your health, and fitness! In his free time, Lanre loves to hang out in nature and do outdoor activities such as hiking, and white water rafting.