Meet Madison

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Madison Creel

Madison Creel: USA

Madison graduated with a BS degree in Speech Language Pathology, a BA in Psychology and MS in Communication Disorders. She has spent the last couple of years working in the medical field with patients rehabilitating from cognitive trauma.

Through this work and various life experiences Madison realized how little meaning fixing external aspects of life had if internally there was significant turmoil. She then started a journey inward, trying to understand herself outside of the beliefs, influences and society’s opinions that were shaping who she was. She realized that without truly getting a deeper understanding of yourself, you are just a reflection of everyone around you, their beliefs and judgements.

On her search for truth, Madison found that no one can tell you what truth is, you can not read about it or be told about it, it is something you can only experience and feel from deep within yourself. She has now developed an immense passion for helping others through this process of self exploration, finding deep inner peace, and ultimately finding true meaning in life.

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