Meet Maiara

Maiara Maragno Coale

Maiara Maragno Coale

I’m a 32 year old Brazilian woman who came to this country in 2016, hoping to figure out who I am. Since then, a lot happened and life pulled me back to its routine. In 2020, life’s circumstances put me in a mental dark and scary place, which got me to my limits. It was what I needed to know — I couldn’t live that way anymore, and change needed to be made. So then, my self discovery journey began. 

Ever since I could remember I’ve felt like I needed to find myself. From a little girl growing up into a woman, I’ve held on to my past. Carrying all my trauma with me like a purse everywhere I go. It definitely affected my jobs, my daily life, my relationships with my loved ones, and especially my relationship with myself.

I’ve lived for others my whole life, and only now I am learning about myself and I am loving the person I am getting to know. I search for a state of mind where I can feel free and safe again. The only way I knew I could do this, was to confront these issues and be open to honestly feel and heal every single one of them.

I know it’s a long journey and that it will take a lot of hard work from me, but now, I know I am worth it and I deserve it. Even though I’ve been working on myself for about 3 years, I know my journey is just starting, and I can’t wait for all the new that is coming my way. 

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