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Tony Yario: USA

I started my deep inner journey because I finally became fed up with suffering every moment of everyday. I would literally be stressed & anxious all day every day to the point of being physically exhausted. I learned to suppress my emotions growing up, so a lot of pain was finally starting to arise to the surface. I would try to numb myself with alcohol, movies, and hopping from relationship to relationship hoping a woman would take care of me. 

When I finally had enough, I started to search for solutions. As I was searching for solutions online, I happened to stumble on breathwork. I dove right in and practiced every single day very rarely skipping a day.

I released a lot of suppressed energy within my body and stopped stressing and feeling anxious all day every day, but just as I thought I released everything, some deeper stuff started to come up. The two biggest things were abandonment and loneliness. I was in the most intense pain I’ve experienced in my life.

And that’s when I joined Masters Of Self University to learn from Rachel. I quickly learned how to love my pain and connect with my light. I now feel like I can handle whatever arises within me without running away, numbing or using coping mechanisms.

This is the real work.

My mission is to first and foremost go within myself to awaken and let go of old programs, then help others do the same. I am honored to be here with you and I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Emily Armstrong: United Kingdom

Emily is a HeartMath Coach and ICF Accredited Coach.

At the age of 30, I had achieved my major life and career goals, and at the top of my mountain I looked around and felt completely empty. I didn’t really know who I was. I didn’t really know what I wanted to bring to the world. With my foot off the pedal, I spiraled into a 4-month long depression that rocked me to my core. After what felt like forever, those grey clouds lifted when I committed wholeheartedly to a life mission of self-realization. I sought out lived experience of transformational healing with a keen interest in emotional intelligence, Spiritual Psychology and intuitive healing, boldly switching to a career that aligned with my aim by re-training as a Mystical Life Coach.

During the last five years, studying the art of coaching at the deepest levels, I’ve uncovered practices that have both blown my mind and enabled me to embody my personal insights and experiences of healing, for true transformational change in my own life. Alongside the deep knowledge I wish to share with you for your self-transformation, I bring a playfulness to our guided healing work to ease any trepidation that arises throughout. Shadow work needs a balance of lightheartedness – We’ll try and have some fun along the way!

At Masters of Self University, I am gaining mastery of mental, emotional and behavioral health. This sees us build an acute level of self-awareness, integrate our emotions, and dissolve unhelpful programs, for good. By committing to this work, my belief is that you can come to know the depth of your being, to truly heal and enjoy a life that reaches beyond what we’ve come to know as ordinary living. I look forward to working with you!

Lanre Ola-Adigun: Nigeria/Canada

Lanre has a BSC degree in Kinesiology, is a Personal Trainer & Strength Coach, Nutritionist, and Integrative health practitioner.

Lanre has spent the past 9 years empowering individuals across the work to improve their fitness, rebalance their body to optimize their health, and just recently, is now able to fully help people heal there limiting beliefs on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Lanre understands that you if want to change the body in whatever modality you choose, you must change the mind, and in order to do that you must work on your shadow self, see the root cause of why you are struggling, and begin to heal that.

Lanre helps you on all levels to achieve all that you were meant to receive, in your health, fitness and overall life! Lanre loves to hang out in nature and do outdoor activities such as hiking, and white water rafting.

Treloar Hocking: USA

Treloar Hocking is a certified Life Coach, has worked as an Accounting Controller, has two yoga certifications, is a Meditation Instructor, an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and a Reiki Master. 

Single parenting, overwork, and perfectionism programs led me to develop an anxiety disorder. I sought a therapist for a brief period but decided against medication and that traditional type of mental health treatment. So I pursued holistic treatments of breath awareness meditation practice, Reiki, proper diet, and life/work balance. Interestingly, it was in the space of becoming a Life Coach 2017 that I became aware that I could actually feel others’ pain and I was getting triggered by this. I started working with Rachel Fiori to navigate these experiences and everything I’ve learned and put into practice led me to embark on this exciting new  journey of becoming a certified Mystical Life Coach. 

In this certification, I am learning to master the art of heart opening healing so that I can transform my childhood wounds and finally, once and for all, be free of them. I’ve grown to understand what my mental, emotional and behavioral programs are so I can lovingly spot them and take time to heal them when they show up. The techniques I’ve learned can help every soul on the planet to do the same so that we can be free to find true peace and happiness in this life. I am learning and gaining the power of the healed heart. And I am excited and honored to guide others through such a deep transformation as well. 

Danny Morley: UK/USA

Danny was born and educated in the UK, and entered the world of personal development through his master’s degree in leadership. It wasn’t until he was faced with the challenges of depression and anxiety that he would discover his true spiritual nature. Since his awakening from the pain teacher, Danny has now devoted his life to his own personal healing and helping others on their own journey to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual mastery. When not reading books or in the gym, you can find him hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado where he now resides.

Pearce Cucchissi: USA

Pearce Cucchissi is a former member of the US Army Special Operations as a Ranger.  Pearce has trained and led teams in combat all over the world.  His next mission is to assist those coming home, whether that be military, first responders, or anyone returning from high stress work.  Pearce works as a performance coach for athletes and entrepreneurs, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Atlas Zirconium: USA

As a certified energy practitioner and alchemist, Atlas is dedicated to honoring her unique gifts to bring greater awareness and self-responsibility to the world. Her presence is grounded and compassionate as her professional nature honors both human transparency and humor.

With a nomadic spirit, endless curiosity and a sharp, creative mind, Atlas has worn many professional hats and has lived in various places across the globe. Born and raised in Philadelphia PA, Atlas came into this world with an innate dedication towards seeking divine truth. She was one of those “odd”, highly creative, greatly misunderstood
children, and from early abuse and neglect, was driven to withdraw and shut down.

When committed to a psychiatric hospital by the police at the age of 14, she truly saw how dysfunctional and manipulative societal constructs are to the human spirit and all its potential magic. Since, she has been on a consistent journey towards radical truth and has had no fear going against social norms to uncover it.

Atlas has a BA in Music Therapy and holds certifications in Permaculture, BioGeometry, and Energy Healing. She has been a professional musician, visual artist, renowned tattoo artist, jeweler, and volunteered as a transformational life coach for over a decade. She is a mother of two amazing young women, a dedicated grandmother and is considered a combination of a “tough south Philly street kid and a wise, nomadic elder” by her life partner.

Alejandro Vela: USA (Bilingual: Spanish/English)

Alejandro was born and raised in “the hood” of South Central Los Angeles California. Spanish is his first language as his parents had just recently migrated from Mexico right before birth. Gangs, drugs, & violence were a normal thing in his environment. Most of his childhood friends ended up in prison, dead, or simply continuing the same patterns that people in the hood do.

Alejandro has been working as a personal trainer for the last 6 years specifically through boxing where he feels that the deepest purpose of the martial arts is to serve as a vehicle for personal spiritual development. He is also passionate about bringing healing to underprivileged, impoverished communities all over the world. 

Beverly Ivy Johnson: USA

Coming soon.

Aaron Levine : USA

My name is Aaron Levine and I am an Audio Engineer, musician and in the midst of uncovering my path towards helping others in the exploration and pursuit of healing. Unbeknownst to myself, I started my path towards healing over a decade ago and during this process have come to the realization that I want to support others on their journey. At a young age I discovered my passion for music and by the time I was a teenager was gigging in punk and metal bands, learning how to run sound for concerts and generally immersing myself in music. I knew, while never consciously thinking it through, that this was what I was to pursue. It came innately; I never felt love for something as I did music and I chalk this up to some inner knowing I was unable to verbalize. After high school, largely because I had always been told “this is what you do next,” college was my plan. Throughout my life it had been drilled into me that I must find a “real” career, that music was but a hobby and no way to make a living. In retrospect, I was letting others expectations dictate my plans and had negated listening to my own inner voice – my intuition.

My bandmates left for college and I enrolled in community college. I was unmotivated towards my classes and became immersed in drugs while taking nothing seriously – not my music, classes, health, social life – nothing. Thus commenced long bouts of depression and insecurity towards what path to follow in life. While refusing to give up music entirely, I also did not pursue it with vigor. Listless in my pursuit of music and failing my classes I found myself spending the next six years working various retail jobs. Throughout this time I spent some years in and out of rehabilitation centers and jails leading to an abstinence from drugs but no real changes in my life otherwise. In retrospect, getting clean was the beginning of my path towards healing.

Over the years staying clean became easier and I found myself opening to other modes of self-improvement and the realization that if I desired to be content there was more to be done than abstinence. Still in the throes of depression and dead-end jobs I began learning to eat properly and learned the importance of movement. I dove into the audio industry to stay around music and, though I was not pursuing my own music, was fortunate to have the presence of mind to stay around it in one form or another. My belief is that my intuition would shine through ever so rarely and this was one of those times I listened.

While becoming a professional in the Audio industry my lack of focus on my own music led to more friction in my life. On paper, I had a string of impressive jobs. By the time I was 30 I had engineered international radio broadcasts for the likes of PRX and NPR, engineered live and/or broadcast sound for a long list of names including Chip Taylor, Chris Hillman, Bela Fleck and Chris Thile and helped design lighting setups for the likes of Phish and others. None of this is to brag but to point out that externally, life was going great and all my family and friends thought so as well. In reality I felt I was going absolutely insane and, in furtherance, no one seemed to notice.

In the world of addiction there is the idea that one must hit their rock bottom before the realization they must change becomes concrete. I experienced this in the realm of addiction but believe it extends further. My rock bottom with drugs came a bit over a decade ago at the age of 22. While I got clean, it was not until my health fell apart and I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and multiple diet induced vitamin deficiencies at the age of 27 that I hit my rock bottom physically. Only then did I start to take responsibility for myself in this realm. Continuing this line of thinking, when the first round of lockdown insanity hit the world in 2020 I hit my mental and spiritual rock bottom. I was 31 and found myself engineering and teaching at one of the US East Coast’s largest and longest running recording studios; a studio where the likes of Elton John, Barack Obama and Bad Brains were the regular status of clientele. The state of the world found me isolated running record and mix sessions via video conference or alone in my one bedroom apartment teaching multiple four hour classes a day to unengaged students. Again, on paper, everything was superb, I was far better off than a large swath of society, but every bone in my body was telling me that change was necessary and could not wait.

My life, until this point, had been spent aimlessly. I never fully listened to those around me, I ignored my intuition, I never once made a plan and stuck to it. In a moment of clarity I quit my job and began to work as a freelance engineer. My time freed up slightly and I began putting more focus on my own music. This led to the realization I had reached my limit with the audio industry. I needed to follow my intuition, play my music, make plans for myself and learn to follow through. At this time, letting my intuition through the crack in the door, I believe it pushed the door wide open and things began to become clear. Over the years of focusing on my health my friends had started noticing and seeking my advice. My life’s second passion was uncovered and I knew I was to help others on their path towards healing.

This found me enrolling in the Chek Institute to seek the knowledge necessary to assist others in connecting with their food and bodies in a holistic manner. Most people I knew my age were raised with no connection to their food, bodies or the land. My thinking was that I had been forced to figure these things out for myself so maybe I could provide some guidance to others. As soon as I followed my intuition and made these changes, I recognized, no matter how self-assured I was, I still had a lot of work to do on myself. I thought my healing journey, over 10 years in the making, was coming to a close – that through the act of helping others I might find some conclusion. It became abundantly clear there was an entirely untouched realm of mental and spiritual healing and transformation needed in my life which I had been blind to. Until I was ready for this message the universe did not present it as an option.

To pay the bills I continued my work as a freelance engineer, was taking classes at the Chek Institute and spent my spare time reading and listening to any source available to help enlighten me as to how to begin the next phase of my healing. We have all heard people discuss meditation, mindfulness and the like. I had an intuition this was where I needed to be searching but much of what I found seemed disingenuous or naive. Serendipitously, a podcast I regularly enjoyed featured a woman unknown to me at the time: Rachel Fiori. Here was someone talking about everything I had been experiencing and considering in a very objective manner. Her expertise shown through in the interview and the allure of someone speaking about our Higher Selves, our intuition, etc. in such a concrete way made it obvious to me it was real in her life.

This was not some bullshit sales spiel or someone giving far flung examples of healing available only to the wealthy. This was someone whom had obviously done the work in her own life. It was not what she said she did but how she carried herself that showed she herself had done the work she spoke of. These concepts were alive and well in her life and, for me, that was what I had been unknowingly waiting for: someone whom was sure of themselves in the world of spirituality such that they did not need to list all the people or schools they learned from, but through their actions displayed the characteristics of a fully realized human being. One with no shame or excuses for themselves; one which unabashedly owns who they are. My intuition was on fire and urged me to find a way to learn from this person. This is what I did and why you are reading this today.

Gregoire Bosc: France (Bilingual: French/English)

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