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Chad T Grant: USA

After completing a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara in 2002, Chad worked in the mental health field as a counselor for several years on a clinical team of therapists, social workers, and psychiatrists. After being unimpressed by the lack of real results produced by the conventional paradigm, he took a detour into the automotive industry for 12 years as a technician for Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. During that time, he continued to study and gain practical experience in the fields of evolutionary psychology, natural medicine, neuroscience, meditation, and functional movement. His personal health journey to restore balance after poor lifestyle choices in his teens and 20’s included losing 65 pounds, clearing brain fog, eliminating gut pain, and reducing anxiety levels.

To help share the healing power of holistic health, Chad co-founded Anabolic Aces Health Consulting™ in 2017, where he uses deep functional lab testing for blood chemistry, hormones, detoxification, gut microbiome, and food sensitivities to help concierge clients discover the root causes of their symptoms, build customized lifestyle and nutrition plans, overcome chronic disease, and regain optimal health. He is the Washington Account Manager for Microbiome Labs® – the most innovative company for natural solutions for gut health and digestion. Chad enjoys collaborating with other practitioners on lab testing analysis, supplement protocols, and business development strategies. He also completed a certification in User Experience Design from General Assembly in 2020, where he learned how to use empathy and curiosity to build products that solve problems in elegant and efficient ways.

After experiencing the power of Rachel’s methods while completing her couples coaching program, I decided to join her mission by becoming a coach myself. I can honestly say that I achieved more healing in 2 months of working with Rachel than in the previous 20 years of therapy, meditation, plant medicine, podcasts, and books combined. Her work is that powerful. I am honored to be a part of her team and profoundly grateful to be a part of helping others to own their journey, find true inner peace, and step into the purpose and clarity that aligns with their maximum potential.

When I’m not helping save the world, I enjoy soccer, poker, snowboarding, fast cars, and rock n’ roll. 🙂