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Emily Hunt

Emily is a single mama of two girls ages 6 and 8.

After going through a divorce that turned into a complete overhaul and redesign of her life, she found herself on an awareness journey asking many questions that ultimately brought her to Rachel and MSU.

She is currently working as an assistant/administrative contractor and owns a small trucking company in Central Oregon with her partner.

Stephanie Brown

I had humble beginnings growing up in a dysfunctional household. My parents were not able to take care of me so I was placed into the foster care system at age 5.

Luckily, I had a very strong “soul compass” as a young child and spoke out to the social workers whenever I was unhappy with my current foster home. This led to me moving between 7 different foster homes from age 5 - 8 until I found my forever family who adopted me at age 12.

Because I had difficulties in school, I was placed on ADD medication at age 8 and remained on it until my early thirties. I met a theta healer around that time who helped me discover my spiritual path and suggested that I might not need the ADD meds anymore.

After stopping my meds cold turkey, I went through a dark night of the soul and didn’t know who I was anymore. Since I was having suicidal thoughts, I started to look for spiritual retreat centers where I could find some answers. I signed up for an Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica and experienced a major heart opening there.

This led me to explore different spiritual modalities that eventually led me to MSU. I’m here to grow my inner wisdom and learn to heal the wounds within.

Alexia Espinoza, LCSW

Alexia was born and raised in Queens, New York to immigrant parents who provided a strong foundation of working hard and respect. She grew up in a bilingual Spanish household and never felt like she fit in as she was often told she did not look or sound like a latina.

With the strong foundation provided by her parents, Alexia graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She currently works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the Department of Education and part-time in a foster care agency.

Alexia’s background is working with students that have special needs and assisting families to navigate the complex system of special education.  Additionally, Alexia works with mothers within the system of foster care that have been a victim of domestic violence and supporting them in navigating complex social and emotional issues.  Alexia has also worked in private practice providing therapy to help adults, couples, children and adolescents in coping with trauma and build resilience. Her bilingual skills have helped her work with latino families in a therapeutic setting. 


Through this work Alexia has recognized the need for more to help support her clients in empowering them to reach their highest potential. Recognizing that traditional talk therapy isn’t always enough. 

In her own journey of healing, Alexia has attempted to apply different modalities to support herself and her clients.  During a particularly difficult time in Alexia’s life that involved a devastating and prolonged break-up is when she realized how much of her own patterns/programs came up in different areas in her life. It was almost as if she was living in her subconscious for all these years and just following the path that her parents had walked already.  In working towards finding a different path, Alexia heard Rachel Fiori speak on two different podcasts and became intrigued by the work. In leaning into understanding herself more, Alexia recognized that the traditional methods of healing were not going to be enough to be able to break the patterns and programs from the past.

Rikki Bertrand

As a woman who has never fit into societal norms, I’ve always been one to unconsciously attract the broken, and repel the ones resistant to change.

A black sheep of the family, the “strange” one in school, the “crazy one” in relationships, and the “flighty” friend; I’ve never fit in.
It wasn’t until Source showed me in 2019 in losing my grandfather, a TRUE man of God, that I’m meant to be different for a reason, and it’s my greatest gift.
My daughter was born three weeks later, and upon her arrival she has mirrored back to me who I was, before the conditioning, before the pain, before the programming.
In saving that little girl, I’m in turn saving myself.

In choosing love for myself and my children, I left a marriage, a steady paycheck, and a “perfect family” dynamic to save my little people from the same cycles I’ve run the last 25 years.
To be comfortable, is to be complacent, and that is unacceptable for me and mine.

My children deserve the world, and who better to show them than the one who learned the hard way?
I chose myself to be their biggest influence in self love, acceptance, and honoring their individual paths based on what their hearts say, no matter how difficult, or how “strange” it is to others.

I’m absolutely overjoyed to help bring out the same pieces in you that you have lost, because you deserve ultimate happiness, in spite of what society says that happiness is.

Dr. Kristina Tickler Welsome

Dr. Kristina Tickler Welsome is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, owner of The Key To Wellness and The Key Publishing, a self-love and life-desire coach, and an international bestselling author and publisher.

Her decades of professional experience with patients, students, and clients make her coaching effective, efficient, and easily integrated into your life.

Her passion is to support the well-being and healing of your heart, mind, body, and soul as you learn to love your authentic self. Tina will empower you to become the author of your own life story as you discover unconsidered possibilities, remove barriers to success, and unlock your full potential to live a creative life that you love.

Her life journey prepared her to use her voice to amplify the voices of others and to create even more impact in the world. You can find her living her best life as a mom of three divine masculine men-in-the-making and expanding her own highest potential as a perfectly imperfect human being.

Fabio Osorio

Finally arriving at the time and space where repeating cycles and living in disharmony with one's self is no longer a choice, I am now here to discover, heal and love all aspects of who i am and follow the passion of helping others do the same for themselves through guiding, mentoring, and coaching.

Born in Mexico and raised in Colombia, migrated to the United States at the age of 15. Joined the Marine Corps right out of high school, spending 12 years in the service and being exposed to many dark aspects on myself and the world, I quickly learned my innate ability to connect and help people, especially with their emotional and personal hurdles and challenges, always enjoying watching people feel and become what they couldn't see themselves doing.

Now, as an adult and as a father, I've found myself realizing that the biggest challenge has been connecting with myself, my heart, and the divinity of who we truly are.

The work that I've started years ago through therapy and counseling has granted me just enough awareness, so I can be prepared to face the truth of healing and dismantling
the programs and patterns, that through Rachel and Masters of Self University , I would have never been able to find the way to truly transmute them into the powerful light that now guides me to continue to do this beautiful work , and have the honor to help others in their journey of healing and self discovery.

Maiara Maragno Coale

I’m a 32 year old Brazilian woman who came to this country in 2016, hoping to figure out who I am. Since then, a lot happened and life pulled me back to its routine. In 2020, life’s circumstances put me in a mental dark and scary place, which got me to my limits. It was what I needed to know -- I couldn’t live that way anymore, and change needed to be made. So then, my self discovery journey began. 

Ever since I could remember I’ve felt like I needed to find myself. From a little girl growing up into a woman, I’ve held on to my past. Carrying all my trauma with me like a purse everywhere I go. It definitely affected my jobs, my daily life, my relationships with my loved ones, and especially my relationship with myself.

I’ve lived for others my whole life, and only now I am learning about myself and I am loving the person I am getting to know. I search for a state of mind where I can feel free and safe again. The only way I knew I could do this, was to confront these issues and be open to honestly feel and heal every single one of them.

I know it’s a long journey and that it will take a lot of hard work from me, but now, I know I am worth it and I deserve it. Even though I’ve been working on myself for about 3 years, I know my journey is just starting, and I can’t wait for all the new that is coming my way. 

Asha Tracey

Asha is a 35 year old single mum from Perth, Western Australia. The split from her ex propelled her into a deep spiritual journey, searching for answers. 

Why aren’t my relationships working? Why do I always turn to food? Why is my self esteem so low? How can I turn this around and feel the inner peace I’m so desperately craving? 

She’d accomplished some incredible things. Being the strongest woman in Western Australia, the Australian National Champion and the 8th strongest at the world championships Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. These experiences allowed her to build confidence, express herself and feel self worth. But when it all ended due to injury she felt like she was right back where she started. Lost and searching for answers. 

Since starting the work at MSU Asha is discovering the core wounds and programs that have been running the show in her life up until now. She’s on the journey of healing herself and looking forward to empowering others to heal themselves too. 

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