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Stephanie Tangedal: USA

Stephanie is a former stay-at-home mom turned oil and gas landman turned certified personal trainer, yogi, nutrition and mindset coach. She spent several years in the health and fitness industry working to help people get to a healthier place. However, she always felt something was missing. The help she was providing was all surface level. It had no depth. It was not getting to the root cause of the things her clients were struggling with.

In her 46 years on earth, Stephanie had dabbled in a midlife crisis but finally hit full blown midlife crisis zone. It became clear to her in order to help others at a deeper level, to transform and heal it was time to hit pause and do the work. So, she fired herself from coaching and started the journey to her inner self.

In that space for healing, she began the work to overcome the emotional pain, suffering and programming of living life the way she “should” have and the way others expected her to. She realized she was pouring herself into healing others in an attempt to avoid her own pain, to avoid her own healing. She discovered she had been living in the spiritual closet and slowly began to step out. As she became more aware of her psychic and intuitive abilities she learned to work with her guides and the Universe instead of against them. This journey landed her in the path of Rachel and Masters of Self.

In a world desperate for healing, love and joy, Stephanie’s dream is to grow her light, step into her own divine power and help change the world by supporting, encouraging, and teaching others to do the same. And she hopes to laugh with you a little along the way.

Cecile Solkan: Barcelona, Spain

Trilingual: German, English and Spanish

Cecile holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Spanish Philology.  She works in language management and copywriting for various global tech companies. She’s passionate about writing and fascinated by language as an instrument of self-discovery. Armed with the tool of self-observation and an unshakeable faith in her intuition she set out on a journey to alchemize her pain and peel back the layers of societal conditioning. To her there is nothing more beautiful than guiding someone on a journey back to the inner core of their being so they can truly meet themselves for the first time. Cecile feels honored to be part of a community of dedicated teachers carrying the torch of self-healing into the world. 

Peter Fortmeyer: USA

Peter comes from a religious family near Kansas City, Missouri that left him desiring more of his life. He knows the struggle of hopelessness, and the work it takes to go against the current that our lives are set in by our external circumstances. He was in this current all through college, where he received his BS in Construction Engineering Tech, but knew his calling was to connect with people and grow in his spiritual path. He moved to Kansas City in 2018, where he received his first healing from a practitioner that pushed him on the path to helping others.

During the pandemic, he left his job at FedEx to operate a delivery service for a county in Kansas City providing groceries to families who were ill and out of work. This was satisfying, as he could extend a hand to those in need, but he still desired to give more. And that is why he is here. Peter recognizes that a person’s soul lies beyond their behaviors and circumstances, and wants help to elevate people to live in their sovereignty.

Madison Creel: USA

Madison graduated with a BS degree in Speech Language Pathology, a BA in Psychology and MS in Communication Disorders. She has spent the last couple of years working in the medical field with patients rehabilitating from cognitive trauma.

Through this work and various life experiences Madison realized how little meaning fixing external aspects of life had if internally there was significant turmoil. She then started a journey inward, trying to understand herself outside of the beliefs, influences and society’s opinions that were shaping who she was. She realized that without truly getting a deeper understanding of yourself, you are just a reflection of everyone around you, their beliefs and judgements.

On her search for truth, Madison found that no one can tell you what truth is, you can not read about it or be told about it, it is something you can only experience and feel from deep within yourself. She has now developed an immense passion for helping others through this process of self exploration, finding deep inner peace, and ultimately finding true meaning in life.

JeanPaul Dauval: USA

JeanPaul dedicates his energy towards nurturing creativity and self expression in others. As a public school teacher in inner city Philadelphia, he’s committed to sharing optimism and sensitivity in an otherwise rigid and oppressive system. Whether teaching writing and reading, drama, or creative poetry, he’s a well respected teacher, dedicated to helping his students pave their individual path in life through personal growth and greater awareness.   He’s been teaching English and Humanities for public schools for 20 years in the state of PA, NC, and NY. JeanPaul’s dedication towards humanizing schools is inspired by educators like Jonathan Kozol, and John Taylor Gatto. JeanPaul has always been committed to the personal growth of his students.

As a Cuban American, JeanPaul feels a deep resonance with his family’s heritage and inspires others through times of struggle, strife and discord. In addition to his career as an educator, JeanPaul is an admired local artist in the greater Philadelphia region. His unique works offer him a cathartic and exploratory outlet of expression. He truly exudes a creative spirit in everything he does, allowing him perspectives beyond the confines of societal programs.

Through his years of success as a teacher and artist, JeanPaul also fell victim to psychological labels, rampant diagnosis, and the mental health stigma eerily prevalent in society today. Having spent time in psychiatric hospitals, with a bi-polar diagnosis, under the “care” of the medical industry, JeanPaul’s insecurities deepened as he lost belief in his innate ability to create balance, stability and resiliency in his life. He didn’t value his physical, emotional or spiritual needs and his life began unraveling at a terrifying rate. Through manic episodes with extreme behaviors, leading to catastrophic results, JeanPaul began to recognize that he needed to step into a sense of responsibility, urgently.

With a few lifestyle changes, increased awareness and a drive towards self actualization and freedom, JeanPaul began exploring various modalities of healing, including inner child work, somatic experiencing, energy work, and acupuncture. This exploration has led him towards the coaching program at Masters of Self University.

Currently, he splits his time between Philadelphia where he lives and works, and Ithaca, NY where his three children live.

Shannon Bennett: New Zealand

I have spent the majority of my adult life in a search for something greater that I always knew was available to me but could never quite grasp. This resulted in deep restlessness and frustrating procrastination, never feeling satisfied with the answers given in a conventional approach to living. My intense love and passion lies in creativity, adventure, animals, “the big questions” and wayfinding, connecting and collaborating with other humans.

Professionally I have been oscillating between working as an Outdoor Guide in New Zealand and a Retreat manager and teacher in Asia. I now utilize Eastern practices combined with progressive holistic health to soothe and reset the nervous system. My intense passion for Nature, culture and exploration has cultivated a deep curiosity toward my own and others inner workings to understand how we engage with the world around us.

It has become clear through personal experience and my current work that we can practice, read, workout, eat and breathe in 10,000 different ways on a physical level toward better versions of ourselves. However, actively processing the self constructed blockages (the deep, dark, sneaky stuff we can’t yet see) within the intellectual, emotional, and energetic bodies is where the most expansive and valuable adventure lies.

I can not wait to meet and share this extraordinary work with you.

Christie Lou Cunneyworth: BC, Canada

Christie is passionate about empowering herself and others to recognize their innate power and potential for healing. She has a background in Kinesiology with concentrated focus in Nutrition Studies, Active Health and Rehabilitation. Christie has been a practicing Registered Nurse since 2015 with specialty training in Emergency and Critical Care and is a longtime Volunteer with Red Mountain Ski Patrol.

Creating recovery plans with spinal injury clients was integral to her career development, allowing her to witness the strength and resiliency of humans that choose to face their fears and show up for themselves against all odds. When faced with her own adversity, Christie quickly recognized that she would have to be her own advocate in a system that does not share her perspective of what true health and healing looks like. Since this time she has supported herself and others through a variety of allopathic and alternative perspectives, spiritual practices and conscious communication techniques to facilitate deep healing of body, mind and soul.

Christie has been a leader and teacher her whole life, forging her own path in a world that would rather she conform to conventional norms. Her first spiritual awakenings came many years ago when she found herself at a rock bottom and contemplating the end of her life. Through these experiences she consciously connected for the first time with a higher power, receiving downloads and activations to shift her circumstances.

Since then she has been connecting to her heart to follow her intuitive nudges and divine guidance to co-create the life of her dreams on the ocean and in the mountains while learning to play the games of the universe! Rachels teachings synchronistically came across Christie’s path in perfect timing and she is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be mentored by such a like-minded shining light! She is here to help guide humanity through the radical spiritual evolution currently taking place on this planet.

“I believe every human being has the capacity to heal themselves irrespective of their life circumstances and that illness and dis-ease are merely messengers to show us what in our current experience requires attention, love and support. When we align ourselves with our intuitive guidance, we can manifest magic and miracles beyond our wildest dreams!”

Arthur Guerrero: USA

Arthur spent 5 years working as a wildland firefighter.  He then took a break from the hectic lifestyle to pursue balance, coaching, and to rekindle his love for martial arts. He has since studied under the CHEK institute to achieved Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, Exercise Coach, and is a Brazilian Jiujitsu blue belt practitioner.

His love of working with his hands and being challenged mentally brought him back to the blue-collar trades as an electrician apprentice. Arthur enjoys passing on knowledge, coaching fighters, and kid’s martial arts with a holistic mindset.

Alex Nikolov: USA

Alex currently runs her own alternative medicine practice in Colorado. She is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Neurosomatic Therapy (NST), which resolves chronic pain and anatomical dysfunction at the root cause. By using careful postural analysis, she is able to identify the specific muscles or organs that require treatment to resolve a patient’s issue. She received her BA in Nutrition & Fitness from Colorado State University and is a graduate of The Center for Neurosomatic Studies in Clearwater, FL.

Prior to Alex’s career in holistic health & wellness, she ran her own business as a former circus and aerial artist, teacher, and performer. Alex has always been passionate about movement arts, and it is the one component that has remained constant throughout her life since the age of 5. Her movement background is founded in gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, weight lifting, aerial arts and fire dancing. As of last year, she began training Brazilian Zouk, and has since joined two performance teams to continue fueling her passion and expression here.

Alex’s spiritual journey began at the age of 26, after experiencing a “quarter life crisis.” She was part of a reiki practitioner training program where she began to look inward. That year she realized that the man she was in a long-distance relationship with for 6 years was not the man she wanted to marry. This ultimately led her to spiral into a lot of anxiety, and she began asking what she really wanted out of life, what her soul purpose and mission was, and let her to question who she truly was.

That summer, Alez traveled to Thailand with the intention to gain tools to relieve her anxiety, spending 20 days silent at a Buddhist temple just outside of Chaing Mai. There, she learned traditional Therevada Vispassana Meditation techniques, gaining insight into my herself, and learned to observe her mind. By the end of 2016, she quit her business, and went back to school to learn more about the body, anatomy, and how to help people with injuries.

Although she felt like I had lost her greatest loves – aerial and her partner, she desired a career that would support her and keep her interest. For the next three years, she entered her “Dark Night of the Soul” season. Spending time in solitude, analyzing her thoughts, dreams, and desires, and asking herself the existential question of “what am I really here to do”, she was hell bent on creating a life and career that was aligned with her soul’s purpose. She recognizes that time as a natural progression and evolution of her soul, and continues onward into further teachings.

Alex found Rachel and Masters of Self University through a podcast Rachel was on. Her passion and mission is help others build their own self-awareness, for the purpose of improving the relationship with themselves and others. After discovering MSU’s Mystical Life Coaching certification, as well as the Relationship and Conscious Parenting courses that follow, she found the perfect fit to accomplish her mission.

Alex looks forward to healing the programs that are limiting herself, so that I can truly be an authentic mentor and help others on their journey to full self-expression and happiness. I look forward to working with you soon!

Adrienne Rogers: USA

I had previously worked as a successful insurance agent at State Farm for over a decade. I loved the in’s and outs about the insurance business, and loved looking out for my customers and the connections that we made, but changed careers when I wanted to start sharing my passion of health. I became licensed and certified in the health and nutrition industry ,and became a top trainer in my company. But, I knew there were more meaningful and deeper ways to help people than educating my clients in healthy eating and strengthening their bodies.

In 2008, I was in a place in my life where I’d been having profound inner standings of myself. I got curious about healing my trauma and dove into my bag of shit to really observe why I do what I do, looking at my patterns, programs, where they originated and how to heal them for myself and family lineage.

Today, I am a Reiki Master and work with a wonderful program called The Survivor Wellness House program in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s program coordinates patients from top medical facilities and offer our services to cancer patients. We offer alternative types of healing modalities and therapies for them to try as they go through cancer treatments. I love working with patients who understand the possibilities of Energy Healing and teach those who are curious, something other than the standard western way. I also have a practice out of my home and travel to see patients in their homes who cannot come out due to disabilities.

For the past two summers, I have been training with horses through using energy and body language. Eventually, I hope to become trained as an equine therapist and incorporate this into my practice. Horses have a unique and powerful way to help move and release energy from the human body. It’s special to work with these amazing creatures. Creating trust and connection that is something I deeply cherish.

Lastly, I am a Kambo facilitator. I have worked with this ancient medicine that comes from the Amazon for several years. Its healing benefits are to burn away and purge anything on a mental, physical, and emotional level that is no longer serving you. It has been a profound tool on my path, so I became trained and now offer it to those who are called to sit with this medicine.

The reason I’ve been called to this work with Masters of Self University is because it resonates with every fiber of my being. Period. My cells vibrated as I listened to Rachel on a podcast for the first time. I love her bottom line, no nonsense approach to the million dollar question: How do I heal? I looked into other programs, but felt like there was something missing and left me feeling empty. There was a big gap of this missing crucial information, and didn’t want to do one more meditation, or yoga pose or breath class, it was deeper than that. Going back to our childhood programs where we learned the behavior in the first place I knew was the key to healing.

This is why I am here. I am looking to heal my programs, finally, and help others to heal theirs, be free of the heaviness and come back to their bodies, health and vitality again. I am honored to be a part of your healing path and look forward to connecting with you.

Roger L Shulze: USA

Roger graduated with a dual major in Business Administration and Management at 28, then went on to earn his MBA from Westminster College at 31. During those times, Roger also earned some Gym Jones, BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) and other peripheral pieces of paper.

Prior to these educational experiences, Roger’s focus was looking to make it to the NFL through free agency. He was unable to make it to the league, but was able to play some professional indoor football along the way and enjoyed that experience. From these adventures, Roger was able to really dive into working with young athletes and educating them on proper movement, visualization/psychology and durability mechanics/techniques.

The majority of Roger’s square world experience has been in the analysis of human behavior within the Life Insurance and peripheral insurance spaces. This led to pioneering certain Optical Character Resolution (OCR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies and methodologies. He built two small businesses from scratch that provided solutions to the MetLife’s, AIG’s and Nationwide’s around the world, and continues that endeavor today.

Feeling something akin to a calling, Roger began to deconstruct his programs and patterns through various forms of deep remembrance and embodiment work. This path led Roger to a podcast through his beloved, and they both fell in love with Rachel’s delivery, no nonsense approach to this work.

It’s one thing to discover, it’s another thing to transform and transmute, this is where Rachel’s teachings come in. Roger’s goal through this work is to provide a safe and secure space for the Robinson Crusoe’s and Amelia Earhart’s of the world to come and remember the divine beings they are.

Roger is honored and humbled to be a part of this team of incredible explorers as we navigate this journey seeking to heal, laugh, conversate on deep levels and move into our true purposes.

Ameilya Sullivan: USA

Ameilya has always known there was more to life.  From a young age she began to question the roles we inherit.  

As a mother and former preschool teacher Ameilya has experience both teaching and learning from children.  Children need support navigating emotions and through acknowledgement and deep presence there is a natural process that occurs.  When children develop emotional intelligence at a young age they are better prepared to navigate challenges, are more empathic and have healthy relationships.  

Ameilya saw the clear need most adults have for these understandings. Through growing her  awareness and seeing the ways in which she was creating her reality she began her journey of Radical self responsibility.  Sorting through programs and beliefs, allowed the debris to clear and made way for her true self to shine through.  

During a particularly painful time, she discovered a deep internal peace. An unshakable love that exists in us all.  This is where she began to source from. Within. 

Through a conscious approach to motherhood, there have been many opportunities to continue the shedding of the old, and welcome the new heart-centered way of loving leading and learning.  Her children are her greatest teachers.  

Ameilya is drawn to this work because she sees that there is a need for deep healing in humanity.  She is interested in diving deeper into the root cause of our suffering, and the integration of both the Human and Spirit.  She is dedicated to growing her light and sharing it with the world.

Dirk Schoemaker: Switzerland

After over more than a decade of ‘successful’ corporate life, having experienced the endless, soulless, unfulfilling rat race, the search for more commenced. I realized pretty early on in that journey that the only true solution lies within. I’m here to connect, to learn, to heal, and once mastered – to share.

Rachel Baker: USA

Rachel earned her B.S. in Athletic Training and Exercise Sciences from Indiana State University in 1998, a sports massage and bodywork certification from IPSB in 2000, and the Active Release Techniques certifications very shortly thereafter. Since then, she has helped hundreds of athletes train for endurance events, recover from injuries through lifestyle change and hands-on modalities, and has learned more and more about how people heal. 

While coaching and helping others, she herself was racing competitive triathlon, ultra-trail marathon, and Xterra events. Rachel competed with Team USA amateurs for 5 years and accomplished multiple top 10 finishes in the 15 years of racing. Even though this was exciting and fun, the mental pressure really started to take a toll on her health. Her amazing business that she built from the ground up was starting to fall apart, friendships were disintegrating slowly, and her first marriage ended. 

It was obvious that things needed to change. This is when she met Paul Chek and the Chek institute. She proceeded to work on her HLC Level 3, get her life back on track, meet an amazing man, and birthed her first child. 

Her practice was reformed, and she couldn’t deny this growing interest in the mental and emotional attachment to healing. For the following 5 years, Rachel dove deep into the waters of plant medicine to discover parts of herself that were deeply hurting, very confused, and feeling disconnected. This discovery was working, there was major opening and healing taking place. 

But, it wasn’t until after her daughter was born that this intense NEED for the deepest level of healing and change came calling. This obsessive hunt led Rachel to find Rachel Fiori’s work through the Masters of Self. “The uncovering is one thing, but the transforming is another. When you are raising two beings and you see that your transformation is helping them, you keep going like your life depends on it. Rachel Fiori’s work is the REAL DEAL, and it shows up in how she shows up.”

Rachel B is excited to meet you, support you on your journey, and help remind you who you already are Magnificent.

Chad T Grant: USA

After completing a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara in 2002, Chad worked in the mental health field as a counselor for several years on a clinical team of therapists, social workers, and psychiatrists. After being unimpressed by the lack of real results produced by the conventional paradigm, he took a detour into the automotive industry for 12 years as a technician for Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. During that time, he continued to study and gain practical experience in the fields of evolutionary psychology, natural medicine, neuroscience, meditation, and functional movement. His personal health journey to restore balance after poor lifestyle choices in his teens and 20’s included losing 65 pounds, clearing brain fog, eliminating gut pain, and reducing anxiety levels.

To help share the healing power of holistic health, Chad co-founded Anabolic Aces Health Consulting™ in 2017, where he uses deep functional lab testing for blood chemistry, hormones, detoxification, gut microbiome, and food sensitivities to help concierge clients discover the root causes of their symptoms, build customized lifestyle and nutrition plans, overcome chronic disease, and regain optimal health. He is the Washington Account Manager for Microbiome Labs® – the most innovative company for natural solutions for gut health and digestion. Chad enjoys collaborating with other practitioners on lab testing analysis, supplement protocols, and business development strategies. He also completed a certification in User Experience Design from General Assembly in 2020, where he learned how to use empathy and curiosity to build products that solve problems in elegant and efficient ways.

After experiencing the power of Rachel’s methods while completing her couples coaching program, I decided to join her mission by becoming a coach myself. I can honestly say that I achieved more healing in 2 months of working with Rachel than in the previous 20 years of therapy, meditation, plant medicine, podcasts, and books combined. Her work is that powerful. I am honored to be a part of her team and profoundly grateful to be a part of helping others to own their journey, find true inner peace, and step into the purpose and clarity that aligns with their maximum potential.

When I’m not helping save the world, I enjoy soccer, poker, snowboarding, fast cars, and rock n’ roll. 🙂

Ellie Lee: USA

Since I can remember, I have always struggled with depression and a sense of hopelessness. I always knew I was different inside, but when the external world doesn’t have space for someone like you, you assimilate to what is expected of you to fit in. And so, I began the journey of hiding my true self and birthing my survival self. I spent the most part of my life repressing my pain, ignoring my intuition, locking away my heart, and letting my mind take the driver seat.

In 2019, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue the dreams of “making it” in Hollywood, but during that time, I found myself spiraling in deep cycles of depression and unworthiness. I was losing myself to an illusionary world and the deeper I got, the more I felt myself floating away into the abyss of nothingness. It wasn’t until I hit the darkest rock bottom, did I finally hear the calling-it was time to come home to me. 

The last 3 years of my life have been both the most challenging and the most beautiful chapters of my life thus far. I had been on the path of healing, but it wasn’t until I found Rachel Fiori that my journey back home truly began. What you will learn here at MSU will be everything you need to skyrocket to new levels of love, power, and evolution. You don’t have to take my word for it, just take the leap of faith, and I promise you that at the bottom, you will catch you. 

Every experience in my life has led me right here to this moment. I am on a mission of love and unity, and I look forward to going on this divine ride with you! 

William Thien: Canada

The state of the planet is directly correlated to the health of the collective.

The only way to transmute this is to heal thy self.

It is my mission to heal myself.

It is my passion to participate in reweaving the sacred web of life and help evoke the shift in awareness necessary for radical transformation to occur. It begins and ends with each and every one of us.