Meet Peter

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Peter Fortmeyer

Peter Fortmeyer: USA

Peter comes from a religious family near Kansas City, Missouri that left him desiring more of his life. He knows the struggle of hopelessness, and the work it takes to go against the current that our lives are set in by our external circumstances. He was in this current all through college, where he received his BS in Construction Engineering Tech, but knew his calling was to connect with people and grow in his spiritual path. He moved to Kansas City in 2018, where he received his first healing from a practitioner that pushed him on the path to helping others.

During the pandemic, he left his job at FedEx to operate a delivery service for a county in Kansas City providing groceries to families who were ill and out of work. This was satisfying, as he could extend a hand to those in need, but he still desired to give more. And that is why he is here. Peter recognizes that a person’s soul lies beyond their behaviors and circumstances, and wants help to elevate people to live in their sovereignty.