Meet Rachel Baker

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Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker: USA

Rachel earned her B.S. in Athletic Training and Exercise Sciences from Indiana State University in 1998, a sports massage and bodywork certification from IPSB in 2000, and the Active Release Techniques certifications very shortly thereafter. Since then, she has helped hundreds of athletes train for endurance events, recover from injuries through lifestyle change and hands-on modalities, and has learned more and more about how people heal. 

While coaching and helping others, she herself was racing competitive triathlon, ultra-trail marathon, and Xterra events. Rachel competed with Team USA amateurs for 5 years and accomplished multiple top 10 finishes in the 15 years of racing. Even though this was exciting and fun, the mental pressure really started to take a toll on her health. Her amazing business that she built from the ground up was starting to fall apart, friendships were disintegrating slowly, and her first marriage ended. 

It was obvious that things needed to change. This is when she met Paul Chek and the Chek institute. She proceeded to work on her HLC Level 3, get her life back on track, meet an amazing man, and birthed her first child. 

Her practice was reformed, and she couldn’t deny this growing interest in the mental and emotional attachment to healing. For the following 5 years, Rachel dove deep into the waters of plant medicine to discover parts of herself that were deeply hurting, very confused, and feeling disconnected. This discovery was working, there was major opening and healing taking place. 

But, it wasn’t until after her daughter was born that this intense NEED for the deepest level of healing and change came calling. This obsessive hunt led Rachel to find Rachel Fiori’s work through the Masters of Self. “The uncovering is one thing, but the transforming is another. When you are raising two beings and you see that your transformation is helping them, you keep going like your life depends on it. Rachel Fiori’s work is the REAL DEAL, and it shows up in how she shows up.”

Rachel B is excited to meet you, support you on your journey, and help remind you who you already are Magnificent.

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