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aerial photography of rock next to water body

Robert Anthony

Robert Anthony: Ireland

For the best part of a decade, you might say I was unconsciously Soul Searching – navigating the murky waters inside, trying to make sense of the many curveballs life throws at us. After many a mind alternating meditative adventure – from cold breathwork journeys in Iceland, to the sweltering heat of the Amazon, working with plant medicines, and everything in between, I was swimming deeper and deeper.

Each to their merit had varying degrees of success, but there was still this eluding void within, which left me feeling spiritually disconnected and energetically too immersed in the rational mind. It wasn’t until late 2018 where I had my most significant breakthrough. After a close friend of mine sadly passed away, a series of profound synchronicities ignited a new life-force in me which have had paradigm shifting consequences.

I surrendered to a higher calling where I experienced this creative flow like energy I had never witnessed before. It resulted in the production of a healing song called ‘Sempervivum’ in homage to my friend – fusing music, spoken word, video and art which was the real catalyst for breaking through the noise to find my truth.

Several months later, I became disillusioned with the status quo and made a bold leap from marketing in the corporate world to redesigning my life to better align with my sense of purpose.

After a game changing experience taking a peak performance quest with MindValley, I was soon invited to become an ambassador. Later that year, I began to defy my own limiting beliefs by going public with a daring surrender experiment which birthed the beginning of SoulSync.Life. This ongoing experiment came to life in the form of a creative arts project telling the story of the harmonic merging of my inner and outer world – redefining my perception of the nature of nature.

I now thrive on turning my passion into purpose through coaching and galvanizing others to unlock their true potential, harnessing the powers of collaboration, synchronicity and flow.