Meet Shannon

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Shannon Bennett

Shannon Bennett: New Zealand

I have spent the majority of my adult life in a search for something greater that I always knew was available to me but could never quite grasp. This resulted in deep restlessness and frustrating procrastination, never feeling satisfied with the answers given in a conventional approach to living. My intense love and passion lies in creativity, adventure, animals, “the big questions” and wayfinding, connecting and collaborating with other humans.

Professionally I have been oscillating between working as an Outdoor Guide in New Zealand and a Retreat manager and teacher in Asia. I now utilize Eastern practices combined with progressive holistic health to soothe and reset the nervous system. My intense passion for Nature, culture and exploration has cultivated a deep curiosity toward my own and others inner workings to understand how we engage with the world around us.

It has become clear through personal experience and my current work that we can practice, read, workout, eat and breathe in 10,000 different ways on a physical level toward better versions of ourselves. However, actively processing the self constructed blockages (the deep, dark, sneaky stuff we can’t yet see) within the intellectual, emotional, and energetic bodies is where the most expansive and valuable adventure lies.

I can not wait to meet and share this extraordinary work with you.

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