Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie Tangedal

Stephanie Tangedal: USA

Stephanie is a former stay-at-home mom turned oil and gas landman turned certified personal trainer, yogi, nutrition and mindset coach. She spent several years in the health and fitness industry working to help people get to a healthier place. However, she always felt something was missing. The help she was providing was all surface level. It had no depth. It was not getting to the root cause of the things her clients were struggling with.

In her 46 years on earth, Stephanie had dabbled in a midlife crisis but finally hit full blown midlife crisis zone. It became clear to her in order to help others at a deeper level, to transform and heal it was time to hit pause and do the work. So, she fired herself from coaching and started the journey to her inner self.

In that space for healing, she began the work to overcome the emotional pain, suffering and programming of living life the way she “should” have and the way others expected her to. She realized she was pouring herself into healing others in an attempt to avoid her own pain, to avoid her own healing. She discovered she had been living in the spiritual closet and slowly began to step out. As she became more aware of her psychic and intuitive abilities she learned to work with her guides and the Universe instead of against them. This journey landed her in the path of Rachel and Masters of Self.

In a world desperate for healing, love and joy, Stephanie’s dream is to grow her light, step into her own divine power and help change the world by supporting, encouraging, and teaching others to do the same. And she hopes to laugh with you a little along the way.