Meet Toni

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Anthony Yario

Tony Yario: USA

I started my deep inner journey because I finally became fed up with suffering every moment of everyday. I would literally be stressed & anxious all day every day to the point of being physically exhausted. I learned to suppress my emotions growing up, so a lot of pain was finally starting to arise to the surface. I would try to numb myself with alcohol, movies, and hopping from relationship to relationship hoping a woman would take care of me. 

When I finally had enough, I started to search for solutions. As I was searching for solutions online, I happened to stumble on breathwork. I dove right in and practiced every single day very rarely skipping a day.

I released a lot of suppressed energy within my body and stopped stressing and feeling anxious all day every day, but just as I thought I released everything, some deeper stuff started to come up. The two biggest things were abandonment and loneliness. I was in the most intense pain I’ve experienced in my life.

And that’s when I joined Masters Of Self University to learn from Rachel. I quickly learned how to love my pain and connect with my light. I now feel like I can handle whatever arises within me without running away, numbing or using coping mechanisms.

This is the real work.

My mission is to first and foremost go within myself to awaken and let go of old programs, then help others do the same. I am honored to be here with you and I look forward to supporting you on your journey!