Meet Treloar

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Treloar Hocking

Treloar Hocking: USA

Treloar is a certified Life Coach, has two yoga certifications, is a Meditation Instructor, an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and a Reiki Master. 

Single parenting, overwork, and perfectionism programs led me to develop an anxiety disorder. I sought a therapist for a brief period but decided against medication and that traditional type of mental health treatment. So I pursued holistic treatments of breath awareness meditation practice, Reiki, proper diet, and life/work balance. Interestingly, it was in the space of becoming a Life Coach 2017 that I became aware that I could actually feel others’ pain and I was getting triggered by this. I started working with Rachel Fiori to navigate these experiences and everything I’ve learned and put into practice led me to embark on this exciting new  journey of becoming a certified Mystical Life Coach. 

In this certification, I am learning to master the art of heart opening healing so that I can transform my childhood wounds and finally, once and for all, be free of them. I’ve grown to understand what my mental, emotional and behavioral programs are so I can lovingly spot them and take time to heal them when they show up. The techniques I’ve learned can help every soul on the planet to do the same so that we can be free to find true peace and happiness in this life. I am learning and gaining the power of the healed heart. And I am excited and honored to guide others through such a deep transformation as well. 

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