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LIVE bi-monthly classes are taught on ‘How to Master Life & Love‘. As a member you have unlimited access to attend all of the classes, plus gain immediate access to the video resource library that holds the replays of all previously taught classes.

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LIVE classes are fully interactive with Q&A being a part of every class, and are offered via Zoom. Having direct access to Mystical Teachers & Coaches is one of the many perks that you receive with this membership program.

Come join a community of individuals dedicated to the highest levels of self-growth that’s achievable in this lifetime. Join us and experience firsthand the leaps in healing, growth, and transformation that you can advance to. 

You will receive unlimited access to membership content & replays of all LIVE classes that are interactive and tailored to you and taught by expert level Mystical Teachers offering spiritually advanced content not taught anywhere else.

Learn how to master all aspects of your life and relationships.

Attend lectures on Mysticism, the Sacred Feminine, what authentic spiritual awakening really entails, why you haven’t yet been able to fully heal your inner child, highly sensitive people & what to do if you are one, emotional healing, & countless other topics that will help you to deeply transform & heal where you feel stuck.

Bypass the waiting list to receive coaching with Rachel Fiori and gain direct access to her during LIVE classes! Join now for just $57 and we’ll see you in the LIVE classes!

Though we’d love if you stayed with us forever, there are never any obligations to stick around. Once you’ve accessed the video resource library, no refunds will be given, but memberships can be cancelled at any time.

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