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From Trauma to Triumph

Welcome to ‘From Trauma to Triumph’

How can you thrive when you’re trapped in survival mode programs? Traumatic experiences trap survival mode responses in the body. With an epidemic of social issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic diseases, domestic violence, suicide, and social violence, research has shown us that the roots of these issues can all be traced back to trauma, adverse childhood experiences, chronic stress, and nervous system dysregulation. When any of these programs get triggered your body’s response is to go into survival mode. This prevents you from fully healing all of your old emotional wounds so you can begin a new path to thriving.

Specifically for men, the path to manhood is paved by emotional trauma. For most men, ignoring and denying pain is what it means to “be a man”. You had to learn to become master suppressors of mental and emotional trauma, treated as though you are not human. All humans feel painful emotions. But when you’re treated as though there’s something wrong with you for feeling them, you never gain the powerful skills needed to heal those painful emotions within you. This ensures that those emotional energies remain trapped in the body, only to be triggered by stressful or uncomfortable situations.


The parts of you that struggle, that are weak, that feel like a failure, that make you feel like you have no control over your life are programs. Mental, emotional, behavioral programs and inner child wounds are what make up the framework of body dysregulation, stress, anxiety, and all other symptoms associated with unhealed trauma trapped in one’s body.  

The curriculum and the expert guidance that we offer teach you how to become aware of the specific programs that you run, and how to alchemize every single one of them so they are no longer a part of who you are. What you get to experience over time, are less and less struggles, the feeling of self-empowerment, emotional freedom, and finally, the experience of THRIVING in your life and relationships!  

We will show you how to connect to your true source of power so you can once and for all, triumph beyond the trauma that you’ve experienced, and become who you are meant to become in this lifetime.


We are different because we use cutting edge, holistic methods including psychoenergetics and vibrational medicine to heal the root causes of the trauma-energies that are still trapped inside of you. We heal at the deepest levels that humans have access to in this lifetime. We don’t just heal the aftermath of old traumas, we heal your soul.

This is a community that is led by trauma-trained, highly conscious professionals, who flow with the raw power of transformational, healing energy. Our certified Mystical Life Coaches will guide you through the deepest levels of transformational-healing, show you how to reconnect to your true divine, intuitive nature, heal your woundedness and trauma programs so you can achieve the best version of you that you have yet to experience.

It’s time to create a new you that thrives on the source of your internal power.

This group will be held on Thursdays @ 10:30-11:30 AM PST


We charge a $2,000.00 USD initiation fee for the first month to join, and then a monthly fee of $497.00 every month thereafter. We require a minimum of a 3-month commitment in order to move through the required foundational course curriculum. This community is fueled by the willingness and devotion to fully heal once and for all. Stop investing your time and energy in your trauma story and invest right now in the source that can finally guide you to true transformational-healing, at the root level. The time is NOW to triumph over your trauma wounds and live your life with the true emotional freedom that you deserve.

From Trauma to Triumph

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