Mystical Life Coach Certification

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We Train, Certify, & Mentor Elite Coaches!

Our Coaches Embody The Golden 3:

Integrity | Authenticity | Expertise


The Masters of Self Coaches function from the highest level of integrity. That means they practice what they teach. They are honest, function from a level of Divine Truth, and coach from a level of wholeness and unity with their clients. They know the difference between holistic, supportive coaching tools & deep transformational strategies, as well as what to use when with each client to best serve them.


Our coaches are some of the most genuine, down to earth, and compassionate individuals around. They are authentic to the highest degree because they’ve personally been expertly guided through their own inner transformations. They know what you’re going through because they’ve been there themselves. Personal transformational-healing, coupled with expert level education & training makes them proficient in emotional intelligence training and authentic client transformation.


The Masters of Self Coaches are the most highly trained, highly skilled, & highly qualified coaches around. They are coached and trained to a level of mastery, which qualifies them as authorities in their fields of practice. Their certifications are earned through hard work, study, and personal transformation. Plus, they continue to be mentored, supported, & educated after they earn their certifications. Why? Because Masters of Self Coaches walk their talk. They are walking masters which means they live by the creed that self-growth & evolving require lifelong devotion & continuous up-leveling, not just a temporary commitment.

Coaching Certifications Available:

Mystical Life Coach™: (Mental & Emotional Master)

Master the framework that guides individuals to the root causes of their suffering so that true transformation & healing can occur. Master the art of self-awareness of mental, emotional, behavioral, & inner child programs while guiding individuals through self-realization so they can be free from suffering, fulfill their life’s potential, & evolve into the most magnificent version of themselves that they can achieve in this lifetime. You will gain the skills to guide others to effectively create a high EQ, emotional resilience, & self-actualization. Learn to coach from your own intuition as your strongest guide. You will use intuitive healing techniques to coach & to guide others & shift them from problems to healing solutions. You will also learn how to coach & support HSP’s, Highly Sensitive Persons.

To coach at a mastery level, you must receive mastery level education and training. You must also move through the very transformation you’ll be guiding future clients through. Our coaches walk their talk because we require them to become what they teach. ~Rachel Fiori, CEO

Our six month ELITE-LEVEL PROGRAM includes:


  • Private access to weekly video teachings
  • Weekly written course curriculum and workbook (PDF Format)
  • LIVE weekly 90-minute classes for deeper understanding and Q&A’s (required attendance)
  • Students will move through the deepest levels of transformational-healing for the 1st three months of the curriculum
  • Students will gain the skills as a Mystical Coach & learn how to guide clients through this process of energetic alchemy the 2nd three months of the program
  • This program is currently priced at $15,000.00 USD
  • All certified coaches have the opportunity to be hired by Masters of Self University once they are certified!
  • Certified coaches have the opportunities to work with individual clients, coach & heal people during Master Class programs and at LIVE events offered by MSU, and even coach at the corporate level for businesses, who contract with MSU. All of these opportunities and more are available to our Certified Mystical Life Coaches.

In-Depth Teachings

  • The Science of Subtle Energies (detecting them & healing with them)
  • Energetic Alchemy
  • Mysticism
  • Principles of Spiritual Psychology
  • Human-Spirit Integration Point™
  • The Cycles of Wisdom™
  • The Sacred Ray of Creation™
  • Your Shadow Blueprint™
  • The Mystical Parent™
  • Sacred Feminine Energy & Healing
  • Divine Masculine Energy & Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Spiritual Awakening & the Process of Self-Actualization
  • and much more

You’ve laid the groundwork. It’s time for more…

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