Mystical-Healing Session

60-Minute Intensive:

Spiritual-Healing Session
with Mystic, Rachel Fiori

Get to the root/core of your patterns and programs.

A life changing, intensive, psychic, mystical-healing session with Rachel Fiori

This special one-on-one opportunity is offered to those wanting real healing now.

1-hour sessions are $1,500.00 and are virtual only.

In this spiritual-healing session, Rachel completes in one hour, what can typically take months to heal with transformational coaching, and years to heal with conventional therapy.

Rachel Fiori is a celebrated psychic, mystical healer, and gifted coach who has dedicated her life to unlocking the fullest potential of her clients around the globe. 

Rachel is currently the only Mystic in the world who works with, teaches, and uses the Ways of Oneness™ as transformational-healing modalities.

With a unique ability to facilitate deep, transformative healing on the soul level, Rachel's psychic insights and guidance offer a direct, no-nonsense roadmap for liberation and oneness consciousness.

Rachel has the ability to access the programs, patterns, and unhealed wounds that have been holding you back, keeping you stuck, and perpetuating suffering. Once accessed and brought to the surface, this "Mystical Surgeon" weaves in the vibrational frequencies of The Universal Ways of Oneness. She then anchors in and activates these enlighted frequencies into your energy centers and subtle energy bodies, creating an energetic field of consciousness that continues to heal you for three full weeks after the session. 

Each session is customized and personalized to your individual healing needs.

Post-care instructions, which are unique to each individual, are provided so you can continue to integrate the healing long after your session with Rachel ends. 

Want the absolute best results? 

Get a psychic/mystical-healing session, and then follow up with a one-on-one, three month coaching program with one of our certified coaches. The three-month coaching programs that are offered at Masters of Self University by our certified Mystical Life Coaches, teach you step-by-step how to see all aspects of your unhealed 'stuff' that makes up your shadow self, as well as exactly how to transform every part of it.

Experience first hand the powerful mystical-healing abilities of Rachel Fiori. Anyone lucky enough to experience one of these sessions will be forever changed because of it.

Specially Tailored Sessions Available Upon Request:

  • 90 min sessions
  • 3-session bundles
  • Small group healings
  • In-person sessions

If interested please email

for these special requests.

What People Say

Most of my life, I remember getting to these moments of possible expansion and a freeze happens. Everything stops, I shut down and I sit in judgement, shame and fear. That is exactly the place I was at when I reached out to Rachel for a spiritual healing session.  Completely powerless.  

Every therapist, counselor and healer I have seen before has just moved around the energy that I could feel trapped inside of me.  Rachel helped me see the energy, feel the energy, love the energy and then transmute the energy.

After my session, most importantly, I have noticed a sense of peace. I am developing confidence because for the first time I truly love every single part of me. Through that love I am able to step a little bit more each day into my personal power. I am able to see the world through a lens of love instead of judgment, shame and fear.    

If you are ready for life-changing, transformational healing - BOOK IT! My life is forever changed and whatever I do from this point forward will be a direct result of the healing that I have received. I am humbly and eternally grateful.


Within a week of receiving the spiritual-healing (The Way of Connection™ imprint) from Rachel, I began to experience a new level of openness between myself and other people. Feeling stressed or triggered would normally see me put up a wall, but the necessity disappeared - this automatic response felt as though it had been dismantled. Conversations became more relaxed and effortless - the intensity I felt trying to “get it right” and the need to analyze every word that came out of my mouth, was dramatically diminished. I felt freer to convey myself in the moment - my self-critic had finally taken a back seat - and so many conversations since have allowed me to receive a level of warmth from many other people that I’ve never known before. I’ve also experienced greater ease in boundary setting in the moment, finding it easier to speak the words I need to with confidence, whilst maintaining a heart-felt connection with the other person. 

This experience has been worth its weight in gold! I’m so grateful to Rachel for her gifts, wisdom and support, and greatly look forward to continuing on my path with her guidance along the way.

Emily Armstrong Emily Armstrong United Kingdom

I had a very powerful healing session with Rachel. Together we went into the depths of a childhood wound I’ve been carrying around for decades. While she was guiding me through it, I felt the heaviness of the immense pain I had been carrying with me and started to feel nauseous. I had a strong physical reaction and could feel the dysfunctions rising inside my body. She brought to light what had been hidden in darkness so I could heal it.

She said my body would need three days to adjust and in fact it did – the physical symptoms vanished after exactly three days.

I am eternally grateful for the work she’s performing to elevate human consciousness. She does the deepest work, but still keeps it light, cracking a joke or two – it is all about balance after all. I recommend her to everyone who is really serious about healing and looking for an authentic teacher. Rachel is truly standing in her power, teaching us how to get there too – if you’re ready to put in the work and observe yourself that is.

CecileCecileBarcelona, Spain

"I was feeling quite stuck in a specific area in my life. I couldn't quite get to the core of what was causing me to feel a certain way. During my spiritual-healing session with Rachel, she had a very direct way to pinpoint what needed to be healed. Throughout the session, I felt this really powerful energy moving through my body, and I could feel Rachel heal where I felt really stuck. 

What I felt was so insane while it was happening. Immediately after the session, I cannot even put into words how I felt. I felt so clear and connected. Some of the pain I was struggling with prior to this healing was self hatred, shame and guilt. That's not even a part of my body anymore. It just lifted. It's gone. It transmuted. I presented my pain to Rachel and she just lifted it. It's truly amazing. 

Since my healing I feel like I have breezed through the area of my life where I had been stuck. I have had an immense shift in my energy, my body feels calmer and lighter. All I can say is "wow". There is tremendous power in these healings. 

I highly recommend getting a session with Rachel. She can really help transmute the things that are really stuck in your body and in your energy fields. She can identify what you actually need to move forward in your life."

 J.W. J.W.California, USA

I booked my session with Rachel because, as a 37 year old woman, I was mortified that I had started to bald. My hair was coming out in clumps and I started to have bald spots on the sides of my head.  I have always looked to alternative treatments so I addressed my diet, I took vitamins, I used the shampoos and nothing was working. My doctor wanted to inject steroids into the sides of my thank you. I started to think that I would have to give into the fact that I might have to live with this.

I was called to Rachel's 1 hour psychic-healing session because maybe I was missing something on a spiritual level. Our session was amazing and healing on so many levels. Immediately after our session I noticed my hair stopped falling out in clumps. Today, 2 months after our session, I noticed regrowth on the sides of my head. I can only attribute the immediate and noticeable change to my session with Rachel.  

If you are thinking about getting a session but you aren't sure, I am telling you to take the plunge. DO IT! Your life could change instantly in such magnificent ways. 


Half a year later, after my spiritual healing session with Rachel, I am no longer the person who I have seen in the recording, (of that session).

So I would like to say a huge thank you to you Rachel!! Please keep doing everything you are doing, shining your power and light so strongly. I think you are fundamentally changing people’s lives and our planet.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with your session? Or what were you hoping to gain?

I was hoping to solve my conditioned problems of ‘other-focusedness’/ ‘codependancy’, and ‘not-enoughness’, always dimming my own power and light to make everyone else feel comfortable.

What made Rachel stand out from other healers that you've seen?

A lot of people call themselves spiritual teachers, but few are. Rachel is one of the few persons I have seen, who is truly connected to source and who has integrated her shadow parts and overcome her received conditioning and programs, so she does not get triggered when dealing with other people’s pain and programs (which is quite relevant when trying to heal people). She is coming from authentic truth and power, not ego, and only someone embodying those qualities can initiate true healing. She is one of the few persons, who has the capacity to hold someone’s truth and pain, without judging it, but truly treating it with love and compassion, which I believe is quite rare.

What have you been able to achieve since your session? Or what differences have you noticed?

I have started to become a new person. I am thinking, feeling, and acting in a new way. I can see my programs coming up and sometimes they still take me over – but I am becoming better at dealing with them, and finally allowing myself to be who I actually came to be.

What would you tell someone who is considering a session?

Two things:

First, to get very clear on the ‘issues’, problems and repeated patterns they are facing in their lives and by which programs and wounds they could be caused. Only then I believe there is good time to focus on initiating healing.

Secondly, I want to be clear that a session with Rachel is a very strong initiator of healing, but to not expect a magic healing of all wounds and programs, that have been caused and have been running over a lifetime. We need to be real, that programs have been engraved in the psyche for long times, and it takes a bit to rewire them. Rachel can initiate healing, but the main work I believe is to stay committed to oneself and stay connected to Masters Of Self University and to always be aware of our running programs, going in, loving them, and then changing them.

Melanie IhlenfeldMelanie Ihlenfeld

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