No-Bullshit Relationship Master Class

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A no-bullshit relationship series for those focused on creating a healthy, healed, powerful, sacred relationship with their partner. 

Fuck What You Learned About Relationships“!

3-Month Master Class

Fact: Everything that has been previously taught to us (for centuries now) about relationships was based on survival. When functioning in survival mode, a relationship cannot thrive. When you learn to meet your partner’s needs, or expect your needs to be met by your partner, you’re creating a parent-child, codependent relationship with your partner. Hint: this is a big reason why passion dies over time! When you show up as a needy child, you’re forcing your partner to then show up as a controlling parent. 

Fact: Loving communication such as “I statements” & conflict resolution strategies never heal the root of the conflict or problem. Never. People get so caught up in perfecting their language that they completely bypass the actual cause of the problem. Haven’t you noticed that despite learning all of these methods in therapy, you’re still having the same relationship problems?

Fact: You are the common denominator in every relationship you’ve ever been in. You must be willing to become aware of and heal the aspects of yourself that are contributing to the discord in the relationship. We recreate our childhoods over and over again with little to no awareness of what we’re doing or how we’re showing up as a wounded child. Programs that you learned prior to the age of 7 are locked in your subconscious and are running on autopilot. They need to be seen and understood at the root level in order to no longer project them onto your partner. 

Fact: Relationships aren’t here to make you happy. They are here to make you conscious. There is no such thing as meeting the perfect person and never having conflicts. You’re not in a relationship with a robot. Real humans have their patterns and wounds, just like you do. The real problem is that we’ve never learned how to interact with our partner’s programs and wounds in a healthy, powerful way.

Most of us never learned how to have healthy, powerful relationships. We never had the education or training on what sacred relationships are or how to cultivate them. We learned how to poison our relationships without realizing that that is in fact what we’re doing.

We must be willing to say “Fuck what I’ve ever learned about relationships! I’m starting over with a completely new perspective. I’m opening myself up to the possibility of miracles.” 

Most of us seek out friends, tribes, or social media influencers to tell us what we want to hear. By looking for people to validate us, we don’t see our own negative programming or take the responsibility of changing ourselves. What we need is someone who will teach and guide you from a place of pure, raw, unconditionally loving power. Someone who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and give you the exact transformational-healing skills and tools that will heal everything within you that is having a negative impact on your relationship. This will also heal any negative impact that your partner may have had on you.

What You’ll Gain: 

  1. Learn how to never fight again!
  2. Move out of the child-pattern of trying to get your needs met and identify your current emotional and spiritual needs. When your partner chooses to also meet your needs, your needs will be met with abundance, and you’ll shift into gratitude for your partner contributing to that abundance.
  3. Learn the energetic process of connecting to your inner source of power, as well as strengthening this power over time. This is the healing power that every person has access to that will heal negative programming and wounds
  4. Dismantle all programs that stem from co-dependency and that create a parent-child relationship with your partner. Powerfully shift into an emotionally and spiritually mature relationship based on trust, growth, and emotional support.
  5. Learn how to completely heal your wounded inner child.
  6. Shift into a healed, whole, powerful individual who then contributes to your relationship from that level of consciousness and power. 

Who Is This Program For? 

  1. Anyone currently in a relationship who wants to elevate their relationship to new heights! If you want to learn how to create a truly Sacred Relationship, this is for you! 
  1. Those who are struggling in their relationship. If you have unresolved conflicts, you fight, or have arguments that drag on for hours or even days, the wisdom and strategies you will receive in this program will heal all of that, once and for all. No more repeating the same patterns for months or years on end with no real solutions. You will learn to heal these programmed responses at the very core of their existence. 
  1. Anyone who is single. Learn how to create the most loving, supportive, and powerful relationship we can create now while you’re still single! This will prevent 80% or more of the negativity that comes with being in relationship. Remember, all of your programs and unhealed wounds get activated by your partner, so why wait for a relationship to “go bad” before doing something about it? Do something now. What you’ll learn in this program will allow for a completely new dating experience as well as allow you to create a powerful and healthy relationship with someone right from the beginning! 

Coming in 2022! 

This is a LIVE, interactive class setting with enough time to learn, heal, grow, and integrate what you’ve learned personally, and into your relationship. Deep transformational-healing is a part of every class. Because of the nature of this work, class size is kept to a minimum. 

Classes are held weekly for 12 weeks. Price is $1,999.00/person. For couples that join together the price is $2,999.00. 

Ready to join? Fill out our contact form, and we’ll email as soon as it comes available! 

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“True healing requires you to see how you are actually showing up in life & relationships, versus how you like to think you’re showing up.” ~Rachel Fiori

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