Mystical Healing Retreats

Welcome to Our Destination Mystical Healing Retreats!

Are you ready to embark on a mystical adventure that could transform yourself or your relationship in ways you never knew were possible? 


Retreat programs are optimized to activate the highest level of transformation achievable in a short amount of time, while also being personally customized to meet your individual needs and goals.


Our Certified Mystical Life Coaches & highly specialized practitioners will guide you through elevated healings, spiritual expansion, & emotional fulfillment. 


Current destinations include: Maui, Hawaii, USA or San Diego, CA, USA

Customized Healing Retreats

The Ways of Oneness™ Retreat pioneers an evolutionary approach to self-empowered healing and inner expansion. Experience and move through The Universal Ways of Oneness™ which uniquely connect you to your true source of divine power.

Relationship Reconnect Retreat is our transformative Ways of Oneness Retreat for couples! Whether you’re desperate to save the relationship or elevate and expand your partnership to the next level, this Retreat is for you.

Retreat Offerings:

Every Retreat Member Receives a Combination of: 

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  • S
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  • A
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Retreat Offerings:

Introduction to Inner Transformation 

Are you new to spirituality and deep inner work? Intimidated yet curious by the prospect of exploring your most influential and painful life experiences to begin the process of becoming healed and whole? This program is for you! 

Soul Healing 

Are you ready to dive deeper than you've ever gone before? This retreat allows you to heal at your highest level and is infused with advanced teachings to uncover unconscious patterning and hidden blindspots. Elevate yourself! 

Childhood Wounds

Do you catch yourself showing up as a child in certain life experiences but don’t know why or how to fix it? This retreat is designed to uncover the programming and conditioning you learned or adopted as a child. Our team will guide you to discover the deep childhood pain inside and understand what your wounded child needs in order to feel safe and begin to heal. 

Addiction Freedom

Has the use of alcohol, substances, food, sex or pornography been a major part of your everyday life? Does it affect your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing? Is it harming your relationships or disrupting your job? Learn what the underlying root cause of this addiction is and gain the tools to end these patterns and behaviors. 

Healing from Sexual Trauma 

Have you been a victim of undisguised and obvious sexual abuse? How about indirect, coercive and manipulative encounters that have subtly swayed you into uncomfortable and undesired situations? Regardless of the magnitude, unwanted sexual behavior is not acceptable and is a true violation of your being on all levels. Learn techniques to heal and reconnect to your innate power. 

Departing From Depression 

Are you emotionally struggling or drowning in suffering with no hope in sight? Feelings like sadness, emptiness and hopelessness can be disabling and overwhelming in life. This retreat teaches you how to connect to the unconditional love and power within yourself to heal at the deepest level.

Alchemizing Anxiety

Is panic, stress and uncertainty controlling your life? Does fear keep you from doing things that you love? Eliminate symptoms of the biological response known as fight, flight or freeze from your everyday existence. 

Transforming Trapped Trauma 

Are you feeling trapped in a past experience of a specific traumatic event? Do you relive this painful experience over and over again? This retreat teaches you how to process and move through this trauma so that you can elevate yourself out of this cycle permanently. 

Movement and Heal

Do you need to move your body or be present in nature to allow access to a deeper connection with your true authentic nature? Organically moving in intentional movement and flow outdoors can create a spaciousness for healing to occur. We offer this activity through surfing, hiking, yoga and paddle sports. 

Sound Immersion

The practice of utilizing various sounds and techniques to promote healing, relaxation and inner peace. While you rest in stillness we use various modalities of instruments, sounds and voice to invoke and activate the elevated vibrations associated with The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness into your entire being. 

Janzu Aquatic Journey

Be held in the ocean with an expert practitioner who guides you through dance-like movements and soft passive stretches, enabling the body to naturally reopen and realign. Janzu is an Aquatic Transformation and Meditation Art practice adapted to your personal template based on your present needs, condition and rhythm. 


Our intuitive practitioners use a hands-on modality utilizing the universal life force energy that can flow through to the recipient for healing. Reiki works with the four key aspects of health (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical) to promote profound effects on your whole being. It can also increase an individual's awareness, insight, wisdom and personal growth. 


Hatha style-based practice creating balance, flexibility, and unity in the body, mind and soul. Our individual or couples private yoga offerings are uniquely paired with the magic of our sound immersion sessions to vibrationally elevate your energy with The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness. 

Guided Meditation

Meditation is a practice of cultivating stillness within oneself to expand your consciousness and create a spaciousness of witnessing awareness, allowing you to be more reflective, less reactive, and remain in the present moment more frequently. Our revolutionary and powerful heart-centered meditation is offered in an in-person guided one-on-one or couples session to assist you to align with the intuitive knowing of your own heart and soul. 


Acupuncture is a form of alternative holistic treatment utilizing needles and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through this practice pathways to enhance energy flow are activated within the body stimulating natural healing abilities, minimizing pain, and promoting physical and emotional whole-body wellbeing. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the practice of manual hands-on pressure of soft tissues and joints to promote numerous diverse physiological benefits to bring your body back to a state of relaxation, rejuvenation and balance. Allow our practitioners to pamper your tension away in our unique sessions that are paired with a beautifully-curated sound healing recording to subtly activate the energy of The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness within your being.

Chi Gong

Another practice steeped in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, participate individually or with your partner in this guided dynamic mind-body meditation to stimulate movement of life-force energy throughout the body. This technique uses slow and precise body movements with controlled breathing and mental focussing to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength and overall health. In our unique setting it is combined with the vibrational healing sounds of The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness 


Be safely guided through the practice of conscious controlled breathing methods with our expert practitioners. Learn specific breathwork techniques to guide you into deeper states of consciousness that can open you to identification and healing of subconscious energetic blockages. Through this process you become a more healed and elevated version of yourself and can more easily connect with your soul’s higher self for clarity and intuitive action.

Self Defense

Learn the basics of karate and jiu-jitsu, which are simple self defense skills designed to support a sense of empowerment and safety in all environments. These gentle techniques teach awareness and assessment of unsafe circumstances and a method of action to defend and protect oneself from harm. 

Cacao Ceremony

Participate in the sacred expansion of this ancient ritual that fosters the grounding and heart opening properties of cacao. This ceremonial journey is deeply connected to the heart, resulting in activation and expansion of this powerful and intuitive pathway to the soul. Our experienced practitioners coupled with the healing sounds of The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness will safely guide and support you to connect with your deepest intentions.


5 Elements Dance

Dance gives us the opportunity to physically express and open up to our stored and stuck emotions. The 5 Elements Dance Journey is designed to move through the elements within ourselves starting with Fire, (Joy/over excitement) then Earth, (Reflection/Worry) Metal, (Clarity of Vision/Grief) Water, (Wisdom/fear) and Wood, (Creativity/Anger). This is facilitated through verbal guidance with our facilitator Bo. First we dance through and with these elements, followed by free dance with music only to encourage free space for further exploration and expression. We then gently progress to stillness where you are welcomed to lie down and integrate your dance experience by bathing in a 45 minute sound journey. This can be facilitated as an individual session or a small group session. 

Biofield Tuning

Biofield tuning is used to locate and diminish physical, mental and emotional dissonance in the body. Our practitioner, Gregoire uses sound frequencies and a set of tuning forks to reharmonize and open the natural pathways of electromagnetic energy in the body. This expands you into a divine openness to Source energy while being deeply connected to your own Divine Power. 

Flowpressor Therapy

This is a 3-in-1 treatment that combines deep compression, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, and far infrared heat. This creates a warm, symmetrical wave of personalized pressure throughout the body that deeply relaxes your nervous system and induces a deep state of calm. This full-body experience is known to significantly improve sleep and mood while decreasing stress levels. 


Tension Release

Stored tension in the body ranges from past major traumas such as car accidents or abuse, down to daily micro-traumas. Micro-traumas can include the constant bombardment of receiving emails at work, child raising, or managing the responsibilities of everyday life. This keeps our brains wired and our muscles tight and tense. Tension Release therapy is a specific set of physical exercises, designed to induce the release of stored mental, emotional and physical tension in the muscles and brain. This is a simple and powerful practice to carry-over into everyday life. 

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