Are You Ready to Rise?

Welcome to This Women’s Group!

In a world where toxic patriarchy is trying harder than ever to oppress women and regain control over her, it’s time for women to RISE.

It’s time for every woman to heal every aspect of her wounded feminine, and shift into the power of her divinity. 

It’s time for every woman to heal any aspect of toxic masculinity that she may be perpetuating, and RISE up out of his control. 

It’s time for women to evolve into the Sacred Feminine and regain her gifts of:

  • Sacred Universal Wisdom
  • Alchemy & Transformational-Healing 
  • Leadership
  • Divine Power 


If you feel a primal calling to dismantle the abusive, oppressive, sexist, controlling, toxic patriarchal ways of the planet, then join our community of Sacred Feminine power. This is a community that is led by trauma-trained, highly conscious professionals, who flow with the raw power of sacred feminine energy. Our certified Mystical Life Coaches will guide you through the deepest levels of transformational-healing, show you how to reconnect to your true divine, intuitive nature, heal your wounded and toxic feminine programs, and rise to the level of Sacred Feminine in human form. 

We will no longer stand for abuse, for violence against women, for our rights being taken away, or for being controlled. Feminine energy is the mystical, magical power to heal all things, so it’s time we join together to heal each other so we can powerfully heal the toxic poison that has been destroying our planet for over 10,000 years. 

SHE is the creator of all things. SHE is Universal Wisdom. SHE is the one who alchemizes darkness into Light. It’s time you found out the TRUTH about Her and fully stepped into your Sacred Feminine potential.

Together we rise.

Together we lead.

Together we alchemize darkness.

Together we unite in Oneness with each other & unleash our divine power onto this world. 


We have a world to change.

This group will be held weekly on Thursdays, from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST via Zoom.


Sacred Feminine Rising charges an initiation fee of $2,000.00, then $497.00/month starting the second month. A minimum of a 3-month commitment is required to move through the deepest levels of transformational-healing needed to prepare you for the Sacred Feminine. This isn’t a little girls’ group who is here to play around with fake eyelashes while we dance half naked around a fire, believing the bullshit lies that taught us we are supposed to be submissive to men. We are powerful women who are here to change the world. ARE YOU READY TO RISE? Then make the investment and LET’S GO!

Sacred Feminine Rising

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