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Masters of Self University wouldn’t be here without the help of these incredible individuals, who work with power and passionate energy every day to make the magic happen.

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Rachel Fiori, MSOT 
Founder | CEO
Chad Emerich  
Head of Finance & Operations
Ellie Lee
Social Media Liaison
Jordanne Muscatello
Creative Specialist
Julie White
Accountant | Personal Assistant
Audio Engineer
Kathryn Kelley
Virtual Assistant | Scheduling Specialist

Rachel Fiori, MSOT 

Founder, CEO of Masters of Self University 

Spiritual Teacher | Psychic-Empathic Healer | Mystical Professor of the MSU Mystical Life Coach Certification Program

With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, a Psychic-Empathic Healer, and as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Rachel has spent the past 23 years empowering individuals, coaches, and high profile people across the world to heal their lives and relationships at the soul level.

Rachel’s wisdom of transformational-healing, her methods, and her reputation are unprecedented. She is a Radical Spiritual Teacher and is the key to opening people’s multidimensional, or enlightened consciousness. She does this through using the Universal Ways of Oneness™, that the Universe has gifted to Rachel to activate enlightened consciousness within humans, and are the Ways meant to lead us into the New Golden Age of Harmony.

Chad Emerich  

Head of Finance & Operations: Department of Responsibility

Mystical Life Coach 

Reformed “Frat Guy” and “Finance Bro”.  I have 20 years of experience in the financial industry and my titles have included Head of Finance and Operations, Business Analyst, and Financial Advisor. My own unhealed wounds led me down a path of self-sabotage. During this dark night of the soul, I spent 2 months at a healing retreat in Thailand. This experience led me to a new way of life centered around Buddhist principles of non-judgment, non-attachment, and lovingkindness.

Following this path brought about the healing process around destructive behaviors and old unhealed programs. This is also what led me to Masters of Self University. I realized the Universe was calling me to elevate myself to the level where I can guide others into true transformational-healing and help them along their individual journey of self-discovery.

Ellie Lee

Social Media Liaison: Department of Integrity

Mystical Life Coach  

Since I can remember, I have always struggled with depression and a sense of hopelessness. I always knew I was different inside, but when the external world doesn’t have space for someone like you, you assimilate to what is expected of you to fit in. And so, I began the journey of hiding my true self and birthing my survival self. I spent the most part of my life repressing my pain, ignoring my intuition, locking away my heart, and letting my mind take the driver seat.

In 2019, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue the dreams of “making it” in Hollywood, but during that time, I found myself spiraling in deep cycles of depression and unworthiness. I was losing myself to an illusionary world and the deeper I got, the more I felt myself floating away into the abyss of nothingness. It wasn’t until I hit the darkest rock bottom, did I finally hear the calling-it was time to come home to me. 

The last 3 years of my life have been both the most challenging and the most beautiful chapters of my life thus far. I had been on the path of healing, but it wasn’t until I found Rachel Fiori that my journey back home truly began. What you will learn here at MSU will be everything you need to skyrocket to new levels of love, power, and evolution. You don’t have to take my word for it, just take the leap of faith, and I promise you that at the bottom, you will catch you. 

Every experience in my life has led me right here to this moment. I am on a mission of love and unity, and I look forward to going on this divine ride with you! 

Jordanne Muscatello  

Creative Specialist: Department of Wisdom 

Jordanne Muscatello is a creative-pioneer, seeker of divine-truth, pianist, athlete, and an overall force for good. She is also a loving wife, daughter, sister, and expecting mother.

Jordanne grew up on a third-generation apricot farm in Tracy, California before becoming a star-athlete in basketball and volleyball into her college years. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in “Kinesiology – Nutrition, Fitness & Health,” she felt called to pursue a career within human personal growth & development.

By her mid-twenties, Jordanne was hired by Tony Robbins’ corporate company Robbins Research International in San Diego, CA, as his Creative Specialist, then later promoted to director of his high-end membership program, The Platinum Partnership. She spent the next five years working directly with Tony, traveling the world, changing millions of lives, one human heart at a time.

Since then, Jordanne has supported various leaders in the personal growth industry, most recently known for her services as Live Event Director, specializing in creating unique transformational events through a personally-developed strategy she refers to as ‘experience production’.

Combining her mastered creative & event production skills, along with her additional unique gift of foresight, she is passionate about leveraging Creative Content as a powerful tool to help bridge the gap for Humanity between where we are now, into the next best version of our Self and Divine Reality.

Julie White

Accountant: Department of Responsibility

Personal Assistant to Rachel Fiori: Department of Selfless-Service

Julie’s journey to spiritual awakening started at a young age when her parents took her to a healer and spiritual coach at the age of 16. This shifted her life course onto the path of self-healing and opened her to her own healing and psychic-intuitive abilities. She attended Body Mind College, a school of holistic health, in 2008. The school’s motto of “Healer, Heal Thyself” is where she took her first dive into healing her programming and inner child wounds and further reinforced her passion for self-healing and healing others.

In 2013, on her search to heal herself more fully she met Rachel Fiori. Rachel has taken Julie to a new place of self-growth and healing. With Rachel’s ability to see the root cause of her trauma and Julie’s willingness and devotion to her healing, she jumped deeply into her “shadow work”.

Through Rachel, Julie has gained access more powerfully to her psychic-intuitive abilities to a place where she can energetically support others in their healing. When Rachel is sharing her wisdom in a teaching or doing a psychic healing, Julie energetically assists so people can more fully access the energy and teachings. 

Aaron Levine

Audio Engineer: Department of Responsibility

Mystical Life Coach

I am an audio engineer and musician in the midst of discovering my path toward helping others pursue healing. At a young age, I discovered my passion for music. It came innately. Throughout my life, though, people insisted that I must find a “real” career, that music was just a hobby. Long story short, I became immersed in drugs, and thus commenced long bouts of depression and insecurity towards my life’s direction. Throughout this time I spent some years in and out of rehabilitation centers and jails, which led to an abstinence from drugs but no real changes in my life otherwise.

Over the years, staying clean became easier and I found myself opening to other modes of self-improvement. Still in the throes of depression and dead-end jobs, I began learning to eat properly and learned the importance of movement. I dove into the audio industry to stay around music.

As an audio professional, my lack of focus on my own music led to more friction in my life. On paper, I had a string of impressive jobs. I was living aimlessly, ignoring my intuition – until I realized that I needed to work for myself, play my own music, and focus on my health. My life’s second passion revealed itself, and I knew I was to help others on their path towards healing.

Serendipitously, a podcast I regularly enjoyed featured a woman unknown to me at the time: Rachel Fiori. Here was someone talking about everything I had been experiencing and considering in a very objective manner. Her expertise shown through in the interview and the allure of someone speaking about our Higher Selves, our intuition, etc. in such a concrete way made it obvious to me it was real in her life. My intuition was on fire and urged me to find a way to learn from this person.

I am now on my journey toward becoming a fully realized human being, one with no shame or excuses for themselves, one who unabashedly owns who they are.

Kathryn Kelley

Virtual Assistant: Department of Selfless-Service

Scheduling Specialist

Kathryn is a self-starting, risk-taking, intuitive, virtual assistant that’s passionate about all things spirituality. She began her spiritual journey in her early twenties through Vipassana meditation and yoga retreats, and is continuing to dive even deeper into understanding her intuitive abilities. 

Kathryn has always aligned with selflessness and helping people not only in the real world, but with their business as well. Having worked as a virtual assistant for the past 3 years has allowed her to turn her passion of helping people into a full time career. Kathryn is eager to continue to work with people that align with her love for spirituality and are just as passionate about helping others as she is.