After talk therapy for over 9 years, meditation, reading hundreds of self help books and working with healers and therapists across the world, even a dozen plant medicine ceremonies… If you’re willing to do the real work, this program will change your life, guaranteed.


Rachel has helped me immensely over the years. From Personal intuitive guidance to teachings, to relationship coaching, she has been my go-to intuitive on all levels. I can’t say enough about how much she has transformed my life and my understanding of how to live it. I’m beyond grateful for her and her offerings.


I wanted to tell you, excitedly and filled with gratitude how perfectly timed your presence came into my life. Thank you for the work and the wisdom, for the information and love you share that has put me in the beautiful position I am in this moment, to find myself and finally say hi to me. 

Kambria Kinsey

Rachel! I just wanted to say THANK YOU with my whole heart!!! Your Masters of Self University videos and classes have changed my life and will continue to do so. I'm parenting better and watching my children change before my eyes. I didn’t realize how much my behaviors were affecting them. My relationships are improving, especially the one with myself. I write down a gratitude list everyday and you are always on it. I will forever be grateful for you. Thank you so so much.

Eric Goldstein

When I started working with Rachel my heart was super closed, and the most challenging part about it was I didn't know why, and I didn't know how to "fix it".

Before I met Rachel I could physically feel the blockages that were around my heart. I felt cut off from the world and at times completely alone. One of my big intentions with working with Rachel was to heal my heart so I could attract "my person". After meeting Rachel I just had this feeling that she was going to be the one to guide me, so I committed to her processes, and kept focused on my strong WHY! 

I know this all wouldn't have been possible without the work that I've done with Rachel. I'm in full appreciation of her work... in awe of the magic it creates, and how needed her work is in the world. I give Rachel and her work my highest recommendation. She's the real deal!

So much love. . . Thank you! 

Rahel & Rick Shafer

There’s this saying that when you go through something, the “mess” that happens already existed. It was just contained in a cup, but once the cup gets pushed or shaken everything that comes out was already there. I don’t try to find a way to shake my cup of life, but I always know that when things are messy it’s an opportunity to clean it up, not to try to put it back in the cup. I’m the kind of person that welcomes the mess. My relationship cup got massively shaken in February and what once “worked” for us no longer did. It was time for an overhaul on our system of operating. 

We found a new counselor/coach that gave us new tools in healing conflict, it’s a process I’ve never known and incredibly healing.

The process is amazing when CHOSEN to use it, but that’s the interesting thing when it comes to healing, it’s an ongoing process of uncovering, addressing, readdressing, radical self responsibility and communication. Wash, rinse, repeat. It can be hard and uncomfortable to change the pathways of resolving conflict. But it’s possible and it takes on a level of consciousness that develops overtime from doing the work. 

Have we perfected that process, no! Are we trying our best, yes! Have we gotten better, Yes!! 


Long story short we all continue to reenact our childhood unconsciously until we choose to address it and heal it.  If you’re stuck in a cycle within your life it’s because you’re not truly healing it, feeling it, processing it and you're unconsciously repeating your “comfortable” coping mechanisms that continue to keep you in pain. 

We learned this and so much more from our coach Rachel Fiori.

You are powerful beyond belief, you can handle the hard emotions but the only way through it is through your heart, not around it, not avoiding it, not covering it up. It’s all about the heart.

How does Rachel make you feel during your sessions with her? 

Rachel creates a very safe container, while keeping it lively and activated.  The general way of being is direct and compassionate at the same time.  I feel that she listens to all sides and perspectives and helps illuminate the productive and non-productive elements for everyone involved.  I always feel supported, with no judgement, while being held constructively accountable.

By working with Rachel, what has been the direct impact on you (personally), and your relationship? 

I met with Rachel, first, about my relationship to money.  She helped me see that my personality trait of being a people pleaser was affecting my financial life.  This situation related back to my childhood and upbringing.  Once I could see it all clearly, it all made sense and clicked.  This realization completely changed my habits surrounding my relationship with money.
In my relationship, we were having issues of different comfort levels in social situations.  Through our work with Rachel we both saw that we had formative experiences that were leading to our misalignment.  Once we understood why we felt certain ways and why the other person felt the ways they did, the situations were dismantled before they could even become a thing.

What have been the biggest epiphanies or realizations you've had from Rachel's coaching/teachings? 

My biggest epiphany has been that we all have formative years of trauma of various levels, and that through self awareness we can all rise above it to become better versions of ourselves.  All of us are works in progress, and in that work lies the potential to be our best selves.

What results have you experienced or gains have been made by working with Rachel? 

I've got a whole new relationship with money.  I have a deeper understanding of myself, my partner and what makes both of us tick.  These understandings are why we've been able to work through and stay together through some of the challenges that we have gone through.

To what degree would you or would you not recommend Rachel to other couples who need help in their relationship? 

I've already recommended her to multiple friends of mine, some who have worked with her now.  Everyone has gotten a ton out of it and I'm going to continue to recommend her to people who are serious about diving deep into understanding themselves and their relationship. 

Taylor Gallegos

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