The Divine Heart of Man

Men's Group & Retreat Program:

A Mystical Warrior’s Inner Journey to Oneness

'The Divine Heart of Man' is unlike any other Men’s group you’ve ever experienced.

Most men’s groups flood you with a lot of modalities that give you something positive to focus on and constructive to do.

But after weeks, months, or even years of breathwork, cold plunges, and plant medicine ceremonies, here are the key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you still get triggered?
  • Do you still have symptoms of anger, anxiety or depression?
  • Do you still struggle with addiction?
  • Are your romantic relationships fully healed and in divine flow?
  • Have you seen, understood, and gotten to the root cause of your deepest wounds and completely alchemized them so they no longer exist?
  • Are you still suffering in life or your relationships in any kind of way?

If you’ve answered YES to any of those questions then here’s what’s likely happening with the therapies, modalities, interventions, or other groups that you’ve tried:

  • You’ve been taught coping mechanisms instead of the process to permanently heal what ails you.
  • You’ve been given tools that move energy temporarily so you feel better for a short period of time. But low and behold, your symptoms and suffering inevitably come back.
  • Maybe you’ve learned how to connect with your inner child to love and support him. However what you most likely haven’t been taught is that if that’s all you do, you’ll never heal your inner child. The most important component needed to actually heal your inner child is rarely ever understood or taught.

At Masters of Self University we NEVER teach
coping strategies, short-term fixes, or temporary solutions.

The Divine Heart of Man Program offers:

An intensive 3 or 6 day in-person retreat!

6 months of LIVE online group coaching sessions offered by highly trained, certified coaches

A digital course as a supportive modality to help integrate the work and allow for faster transformations

Two different workbooks to guide you step-by-step during the two most transformational stages of this journey

Various modalities offered by expert practitioners, (such as guided meditation sound baths, body work massage, yoga, Qi Gong, Oneness Consciousness energy activations, nature hikes & healing, & more)

Individual coaching sessions

And MORE!!!

Program pricing and financing options reviewed in consultation

We get to the root of your problems & transform them from the inside out.

The Divine Heart of Man provides a laser-focused way to connect all of your patterns to the core wounds that create unwanted behaviors, conflicts, or suffering in your life.

Throughout the 6 months, elevated levels of education are provided so you can fully and completely understand your specific programming, why unwanted patterns still run, and why old wounds continue to go unhealed.

We create an atmosphere of powerful healing energies activated from vibrational frequencies of Oneness Consciousness that assist and support you while moving through your traumas and unhealed wounds.

You'll gain the ability to activate cosmic Light energy inside of yourself and learn the ways to use that energy to alchemize negative emotions when they arise.

Our program allows you to move through healing with eyes and heart wide open. 

If you're ready to take the plunge and reclaim the Mystical Warrior that you are, then The Divine Heart of Man is the men's group for you.

Join us and experience the power of permanent healing.


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