Mystical Coaching

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Our 3-Month Mystical Coaching Program, offered by our expertly trained Mystical Life & Relationship Coaches, teach you step-by-step how to see all aspects of your unhealed ‘stuff’ as well as exactly how to heal every part of it.

Individual & Relationship Coaching 

Any and every aspect of your “Shadow Self” is what blocks you from achieving success, true happiness, love, a sacred relationship with your partner, prosperity, or fulfilling your purpose. Your shadow self patterns keep you stuck, struggling, or in suffering because it’s made up of your unhealed programs, traumas, and inner child wounds. The majority of the shadow self is hidden in our blind spots, running on autopilot in our subconscious minds. 

The three-month coaching programs that are offered at Masters of Self University by our highly trained Mystical Life & Relationship Coaches, teach you step-by-step how to see all aspects of your unhealed ‘stuff’ that makes up your shadow self, as well as exactly how to heal every part of it. This includes every aspect that create conflicts and challenges in relationships.

Imagine living a life free from trauma. No more struggling. No more trying everything and gaining a bunch of knowledge and still being stuck in the same old patterns. No more anxiety or depression. No more heartbreak. No more loneliness. No more creating distance in your relationships. No more suffering. 

We’re going to show you how to step into your innate, divine power so you can learn how to heal every aspect of yourself that you want to heal. All of our coaches have achieved this for themselves, and they’re here to show you exactly how to do the same for yourself. 

Our 3-Month Coaching Program Includes: 

  • A full course curriculum 
  • Weekly LIVE coaching sessions with your certified coach (12 sessions held over the course of three months)
  • A digital program with weekly teaching videos taught by the founder & CEO of Masters of Self University, Rachel Fiori 
  • A workbook
  • Step-by-step learning with achievable steps 
  • Transformational-healing at the deepest level 
  • This three month commitment is currently priced at $6,000.00 USD to work with a certified coach. Payment plans may be negotiated.
  • Email to inquire about pricing and availability to work with Rachel Fiori.
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Are you ready to heal at the soul level?

We have coaches from all over the world and we coach clients from all over the world. Clients come to us when they’ve tried “everything else” and when they’re ready to commit to healing at the soul level. If you’re ready to set yourself free, click the link below to schedule a free consultation with one of our Certified Mystical Life Coaches. 

“If you want to reach a higher level of spirituality, you must be willing to accept the higher level of responsibility that comes with it.” ~ Rachel Fiori

Mystical Relationship Coaching

OUR RELATIONSHIP COACHING PROGRAM: Doesn’t waste time with talk therapy, coping strategies, or trying to communicate better. Why? BECAUSE NONE OF THAT HEALS YOUR PROBLEMS!! Instead we TRANSFORM and heal your relationship conflicts at the ROOT.

In this powerful program you will learn:

  • How to NEVER fight again
  • How to shift into presence, understanding, & loving support
  • How to be seen, heard, & validated
  • How to raise your emotional IQ & gain emotional resiliency when you or your partner is frustrated or in pain
  • How to create & deepen your emotional bond with one another
  • How to END the cycles of defensiveness, attack, avoidance, & escapism
  • How to heal the negative affects of broken promises & shattered trust
  • How to heal all old wounds & traumas that are getting triggered in your current relationship
  • . . . and so much more