Masters of Self University

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A mystical institution of Oneness Consciousness learning based on the 20 Universal Ways of Oneness™, the principles of Psycho-energetic Science, Vibrational Medicine, & Mysticism.

At Masters of Self University, we integrate Oneness Consciousness, spiritual psychology, energetics, mysticism, the science of subtle energies, & spirituality to educate & evolve humanity. Our university classes and personal coaching programs will raise your emotional IQ, heal your suffering, heal your inner child wounds & old traumas, and shift you into mastery of life, love, and authentic spiritual awakening. 

With Oneness Consciousness we can heal this world and everyone on it.

We provide higher learning, workshops, &/or certifications in the following subjects: 


Vibrational Medicine
Psycho-energetic Science
Mental/Emotional/Behavioral Health & Healing
Mystical Teachings
Energetics & Subtle Energies

Consciousness Studies
Self-Actualization Study & Guidance
Love & Sacred Relationships
HSP & Empath Coaching & Education
Psychic/Intuitive/Empathic abilities
Corporate Coaching
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Awaken to your best self.

Interested in Relationship or Individual Coaching?

“Rachel creates a very safe container, while keeping it lively and activated.  I always feel supported, with no judgement, while being held constructively accountable.”
“Your Masters of Self University videos and classes have changed my life and will continue to do so. My relationships are improving, especially the one with myself. Thank you!”
“Thank you for the work and the wisdom, for the information and the love you share that has put me in the beautiful position.. to meet the person that needed my love the most, me.”

“I healed more using the Rachel Fiori Method than I did during a two week Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.”

~ D.M. Colorado, USA