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Have you tried various therapies, modalities, or interventions that only provide temporary relief? Do you still struggle with addiction, anxiety, depression, or unhealed wounds?

At Masters of Self University we create an atmosphere of powerful healing energies activated from vibrational frequencies of Oneness Consciousness that assist & support you while moving through your traumas & unhealed wounds.

You'll gain the ability to activate the divine Light energy inside of yourself & learn the ways to use that energy to alchemize negative emotional energies when they arise. Our programs allow you to move through healing with eyes & heart wide open.

Our methods offer the most efficient & effective strategies to permanently heal your inner child & core wounds, & are revolutionizing the mental health industry as we know it!


Become Oneness Consciousness With Us. . .

If you've been searching for the solution that goes beyond temporary fixes & coping mechanisms, then you've come to the right place.

Our coaching programs are designed to get to the root cause of your problems and alchemize them from the inside out. We provide elevated levels of education that allow you to fully understand your specific programming, why unwanted patterns still run, & why old wounds continue to go unhealed, festering in your daily life.

Experience relief as we provide a laser-focused way to connect all of your patterns to the core wounds that create unwanted behaviors, conflicts, or suffering in your life.

You deserve this level of healing. 


Join us if you're ready to deepen your spiritual practice & connect with elevated, heart-centered individuals who are helping to heal & change the world.

Success Stories

After talk therapy for over 9 years, meditation, reading hundreds of self help books and working with healers and therapists across the world, even a dozen plant medicine ceremonies… I was blessed enough to find Rachel who taught me once and for all how to raise my emotional IQ by getting to the deeper programs; the ones that were operating without me even knowing. If you’re willing to do the real work, this program will change your life, guaranteed.

Josh Trent: Host of Wellness Force PodcastJosh Trent: Host of Wellness Force PodcastAustin, TX

I have started to become a new person. I am thinking, feeling, and acting in a new way. I can see my programs coming up and sometimes they still take me over – but I am becoming better at dealing with them, and finally allowing myself to be who I actually came to be.

Kambria KinseyKambria KinseyUtah

The process is amazing when CHOSEN to use it, but that’s the interesting thing when it comes to healing, it’s an ongoing process of uncovering, addressing, readdressing, radical self responsibility and communication. Wash, rinse, repeat. It can be hard and uncomfortable to change the pathways of resolving conflict. But it’s possible and it takes on a level of consciousness that develops overtime from doing the work.

Rahel & Rick ShaferRahel & Rick ShaferTexas

Rachel Fiori, MSOT

| CEO of Masters of Self University
| Mystical Teacher of Oneness    
| Speaker
| #1 International Bestselling Author
| Spiritual Healer

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Meet Our Mystical Life Coaches

Clients come to us when they’ve tried “everything else” & when they’re ready to commit to healing at the soul level. 

Our certified coaches are from all over the world & are here to support you through a deeply transformative & mystical experience. We don't use coping strategies, temporary solutions, or surface level techniques.

We heal at the root of your suffering & core wounds so they're never a part of your experience ever again.  

Mason's Way provides the 20 Universal Ways of Oneness™ that form the foundation of and govern enlightened societies.

It energetically promotes healing at the soul level as well as integrates Oneness into each person’s energetic fields and beingness rather than just being a concept that people read about.

This book isn’t about gaining knowledge. It’s about integrating and becoming the very Ways that manifest enlightenment in individuals, societies, and the world.

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