Relationship Coaching

Relationship / Couples

true happiness


a sacred relationship with your partner

unhealed programs, traumas, and inner child wounds

END the cycles of defensiveness, attack, avoidance, & escapism

Heal the negative affects of broken promises & shattered trust

Heal old wounds & traumas triggered in your relationship

Your shadow self patterns keep you stuck, struggling, or in suffering in your relationship.

NEVER fight again

Be seen, heard, & validated

Create & deepen your emotional bond with one another

3-Month Relationship / Couples
Coaching Program

12 Sessions Over 3 Months

90 Minute Virtual Sessions

One-on-One Sessions with Relationship Certified Mystical Life Coach

Online Videos and Workbook

$6,500 program

"Every time you show up as an immature child in your relationship, you force your partner to play the role of your parent."

~Rachel Fiori, CEO of Masters of Self University

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