Relationship Coaching

Relationship / Couples

true happiness


a sacred relationship with your partner

unhealed programs, traumas, and inner child wounds

END the cycles of defensiveness, attack, avoidance, & escapism

Heal the negative affects of broken promises & shattered trust

Heal old wounds & traumas triggered in your relationship

Your shadow self patterns keep you stuck, struggling, or in suffering in your relationship.

NEVER fight again

Be seen, heard, & validated

Create & deepen your emotional bond with one another

3-Month Relationship / Couples
Coaching Program

12 Sessions Over 3 Months

90 Minute Virtual Sessions

One-on-One Sessions with Relationship Certified Mystical Life Coach

Online Videos and Workbook

Program pricing and financing options reviewed on consultation

"Every time you show up as an immature child in your relationship, you force your partner to play the role of your parent." 

~Rachel Fiori, CEO of Masters of Self University

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